Well, the boring answer most of you won’t like is that it really depends on the situation. Both have the incredible ability to provide information and read the energies that surround the important areas of your life. And both can help you to lead you into more harmony, peace, and fullness. At the same time, these 2 methods can vary in the results depending on how you get there, what the circumstances of the life you are dealing with at the time, and what kind of personality you have. Here is a deeper look at 2 excellent options in psychic healing and understanding.

A Word About Psychics

Just a word to help clarify these terms. A psychic is someone who uses extrasensory, supernatural, or metaphysical abilities to divinate information for themselves or others. These gifted people can use various forms and tools including divination, telepathy, clairvoyance, astrology, and more. Tarot cards are a tool that many psychics will use either on their own or in addition to the psychic reading given. In general terms, most media will have a field of specialty, a type of perception that is particularly suitable for and tuned in. These media will use the tools in which they are strongest to help deliver the most accurate and useful readings. So, a psychic can give a reading of the tarot card if that’s his forte.

Tarot Readings

For those new to the world of metaphysics, tarot readings are psychic readings using a deck of cards called tarot cards. Tarot cards date back to the 15th century when they were used as traditional card games. It was only a few centuries later that the letters distinguished were associated with the tarotología or the art of guessing the things of the reading of the Tarot cards.

Tarot Readings

The tarot deck can be divided into 2 groups; the larger Arcane (a set of 22 cards) and the smaller Arcane (a set of 56 cards). The various symbols on the cover have meaning, and an expert reader can tell you what those meanings are and how they relate to your life or situation. A typical tarot reading will begin with you indicating your question or problem. The reader will shuffle the deck and deal the cards in a pattern. This is called propagation, and there are many different differentials with different meanings that a seer can use. Depending on how the cards fall, you will be given different answers and views regarding your question.

Now, for meat and potatoes of this kind of psychic reading. Tarot readings are usually about the present, a problem you are currently dealing with. The answers are usually simpler since all the information is there on the cards. This means that it is more limited because it is only about the specific problem or situation you are asking at this time. And it also means that your results will be largely determined by the way you ask the question and the way you feel about things at the present time.

On the other hand, using tarot cards ensures that you get a specific answer to a specific question. Therefore, if you are struggling with something in particular and really need a direct response or direction, tarot readings can be an invaluable resource.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are larger in scope and potential. These readings deal with a broader scope of your life (perhaps even past lives depending on how good the reader is and how deep you want to go), so in addition to helping you with a present problem, psychic readings also deal with the future and the past. Psychic readings are more complex, not as specific as tarot card readings.

This means that you are receiving more general advice, and the answers you receive may be more complicated to understand or implement immediately. On the other hand, psychic readings will help you if you need to evaluate a large area of your life or simply the general direction you should travel in, the deeper causes behind recurring relationship problems, and another larger image orientation. Psychic readings can ask for major changes in your lifestyle or way of thinking, and because of this, they can be real game changes.

Psychic Readings

The only real disadvantage of a psychic reading is that it is easier to put your own feelings, thoughts or biases into reading, while tarot readings give you all the information right there, so there is less personal input. A qualified psychic should be able to separate his emotions from reading, though, in order to choose a good reader, and you should be fine.

Breaking it Down

The main differences between the 2 reading styles are in the method and the results. Tarot readings do not require a specific psychic ability (although if you do, you can better harness the energy of the cards). All the information is there on the cards, and all you have to do is learn to read and interpret them. Psychic readings, on the other hand, are more about an innate psychic ability with which you are born (or can be learned, but in general it is already there). You take advantage of this spiritual force and use it to guide seekers to the truth.

In terms of reading itself, tarot readings are generally more about reading the cards. The seeker will be involved in the process. This could involve you touching the cards, blowing on them, or doing something to get your energy impression implanted in the reading.

Psychic readings, on the other hand, have more to do with reading you and your energies than with an external tool. In this sense, it can be much more personal, intimate and revealing. This also gives psychics the ability to give you a broader picture, more information, and more far-reaching results. You can even get a psychic reading about something far away in the future or from a previous life. The tarot card readings, on the contrary, will give you a solid answer on a more specific topic, problem or question.

Tips for Successful Reading

To succeed with anything in life, it depends on how you enter from the beginning. Here are several tips to help you make the most of your tarot or psychic reading:

Go with an open mind. Do not reduce your questions or way of thinking before you have had the reading or limit the psychic’s ability to provide the most useful and honest answers.

Phrase your questions correctly. Take the time to work on writing because the way you ask a question will affect the reading you get.

Try to stay focused on yourself, not others that contribute to the situation. If you have problems at work, don’t ask why your boss is such an idiot. Instead, ask what I can do to improve my working relationships. Remember, you can’t change others. You can only change things about yourself and expect others to evolve along with you.

Release the Power of Your Hidden Energies

There you go. There are benefits to psychic readings and tarot card readings alike. What is right for you will depend on many factors. If you are still unsure about what is the best method for you, you can always consult a competent psychic to get a better feeling from each one. Regardless of whether you choose a tarot reading or a psychic reading, one thing is certain. You will get an immeasurable vision and clarity through the hands of a gifted seer, so unlock the secrets of your destiny today.

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