The 2020 American elections. LIVE betting climate Change. The Tokyo Olympics. You don’t need a psychic to tell him there’s a lot in the warehouse by 2020. Still, there is something about the New Year that makes even the most skeptical among us wonder in advance how things might develop.

The media routinely psychic taps for new year’s predictions, and if we see it as a novel form of entertainment or a real vision of the future, many of us cannot help but take a look.

So in anticipation of the New Year and decade, we’ve drawn up a list of what major Psychics predict by 2020. But first, a look back on last year’s predictions and how they developed.

Which of Last Year’s Predictions Came True?

Last year we introduced Judy Hevenly, Craig Hamilton Parker and Susan Rowlen, psychics who have shown a gift for making new year’s predictions. Here’s a look at how it went.

Susan Rowlen showed some financial foresight over the past few years, predicting that retail stores would be very successful (but incorrectly predicting the formwork of companies like Macy’s and Best Buy.) Judy Hevenly had some great successes, and some mistakes, last year . By 2019 she correctly predicted that:

  • Boris Johnson will be elected new prime minister of England
  • New York will experience a power outage in 2019
  • England win the Cricket World Cup ICC

She also had some flaws, wrongly predicting that:

  • Prince William and Kate would announce the pregnancy of their fourth child.
  • Japan would build a robotic lunar post

The author and psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker, known for his profound predictions video of the end of the year, hit the bullseye with the following calls:

  • Resignation of Theresa May
  • Riots in China
  • NASA announces the return to the moon

Although some of his predictions that have not come to fruition include:

  • Donald Trump to challenge Putin on Syria
  • That Rudi Giuliani would betray Trump

What’s in Store for 2020?

Of course, many psychics have their eyes on the upcoming 2020 American elections. But with the increase of international tensions, climate change, the gossip around the Royal Family and the Oscars just around the corner, have also had a lot more to keep them occupied.

Here is a breakdown of the predictions 2020 by Judy Hevenly, Craig Hamilton Parker and Susan Rowlen:

American Elections

  • Pete Buttigieg “has a good chance” to win the Iowa race.]
  • Elizabeth Warren will be the democratic candidate (Craig)
  • The democratic candidate for president will be Elizabeth Warren or Michael Bloomberg [Judy]
  • Donald Trump will be re-elected [Judy, Craig]
  • Trump cannot complete his second term [Judy]]

Elsewhere in the United States

Amazon will buy its own fleet of aircraft to ship products [Judy]
California will experience more earthquakes [Susan]
The United States will launch a “national homeless day” to raise awareness and charity [Judy]]
“Seismic activity is considerable in the U.S.” [Craig]
California will end summer time.

World News

  • Queen Elizabeth retirement at 95
  • Meghan Markle will announce the pregnancy. The baby will be a girl [Craig]
  • It signed a peace treaty in the Middle East [Judy]
  • Greta Thurnberg will receive the Nobel Prize [Judy]
Queen Elizabeth II What's in Store for 2020?

Medical and Technology

  • A new bionic eye will be created to perfect human vision [Judy]]
  • 5G increased cases of brain tumors and aneurysms [Susan]
  • People should avoid Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency [Craig]]
  • There will be a home flu vaccine that can be given through a band-aid [Judy]
  • Gold will increase in value and make a good investment [Craig, Susan]


  • Tiger Woods wins big in 2020 [Judy]
  • Chicago Cubs will begin a renaissance in 2020 and become “the team to see” in 2021 [Susan]
  • The daughter of princess Anne, Zara Phillips, will have an accident and will not compete in the Olympic Games [Craig]
  • Houston Astros wins the 2020 World Series [Judy]
tiger-woods What's in Store for 2020?

Oscar 2020 [Judy]

  • Best director: Martin Scorcese
  • Best supporting actor: Brad Pitt or Joe Pesci
  • Best supporting actress: Laura Dern
  • Best actor: Joaquin Phoenix or Robert Deniro
  • Best actress: Renee Zellweger
  • Best movie: The Irishman

The Future is Now

As the calendar ends and everyone, from psychics to political experts, weighs on where the New Year and decade will take us, remember what even the best psychics say: nothing is written in stone, and the future depends on our actions. Whether you take these predictions with a grain of salt or see them as truth crystals, you can expect them to inspire you to take stock of where and even take a look at a superior Psychic Reading website to get some predictions about your own future. We will check next year to see how these 2020 predictions went. Until then, Happy New Year.

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