I provide Channeled and intuitive Readings in Dutch and English.  There are 4 types of Readings available for now:

* Typed Readings where I will tune in and prepare for your reading in my own Sacred Space and in my own timeframe on the day that the reading is sceduled.  I will Channel the reading and send you a typed Reading through E-mail. These readings consist of guidance that assists you in the now, along with general information about your soul lineage, your Higher Selves, your Galactic lineage, your Ray of Light and your guides + extra Oracle Card messages after the reading.  1 to 3 questions are allowed to be asked, where those will be addressed on a deeper level. I work with a certain team of Ascended Masters and Archangels as well as with our Galactic Family of Light and the Dolphin and Fairy energies.  I always ask for the most appropriate and closest Light Being of the Highest Light of Christ consciousness to come through that serves your Highest Best at this time.  My team is formed with the following Light Master Beings:

Saint Germain

My Higher Self Lady Portia


El Morya



The Arcturians

The Pleiadians

The Sirians

The Andromedans

Lord Metatron 

Lord Michael

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Zadkiel

The Dolphin Collective

But any other Master Being can come forward for your reading as well, depending on your soul alignment and connection to those Master Beings ~ Which you ARE as well ~

Skype session Reading

Offered in Dutch and English.

This type of reading is a Live channeling session of approximately 30 minutes.  The session will be given through Skype and you will receive the audio recording of this reading afterwards through e-mail.  I will work during those sessions, solely with my Higher Self Lady Portia and Saint Germain, as well as with the Pleiadians as those are the closest and the most natural for me to work with.  We will tune in together and allow the message to come forth what needs to be given to you.  Questions are allowed to be asked as well but remember that the less is asked, the more time we have to let come through what needs to get through.

Oracle Card Reading

This type of reading is shorter than the typed readings

Here I pull some Oracle Cards to provide a reading concerning your questions along with an elaboration on your cards from one of the Master Beings of Light. The Oracle Card reading consists of 2 to 3 cards pulled from the Archangel Deck, Ascended Masters deck, Fairies deck, Dolphin and Mermaid deck or Archangel Rafael deck. This depending on which deck resonates with your energy at that Now moment.  1 of the 3 cards will be a card of the Crystal deck, to bring a crystal onto your path that resonates with your vibration at that Now moment of the reading.

1 to 2 questions are allowed to ask if you wish 

Arcturian Oracle Card Reading

This type of reading is shorter than the typed readings

I chose to use the Oracle Card deck of the Arcturians seperatly from other reading types as these cards and geometric patterns (images) are Lightcoded.  They have a tremendous profound message and feel right on point to me.  I will pull 2 to 3 Oracle cards for you in this reading and the Arcturians will assist me to elaborate more about your cards, that serve you in the Now.

1 to 2 questions are allowed to ask if you wish.

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