Obtaining guidance from those with supernatural gifts and a connection to the spirit world has been part of the fabric of daily life since long before the advent of the written word. The first humans looked at the stars in the night sky for guidance, and drew the wisdom of communion with the spirits of their ancestors.
The pursuit of wisdom beyond the physical world continued to be part of human life throughout antiquity, providing a large part of the knowledge base of human common, long before the arrival of modern science, ages before the readers psychic began to advise to the customers in line.

Psychics Throughout History

Psychics Throughout History

In ancient Egypt, the high priests were part of the Royal Courts of the Pharaohs and The Book of the Dead was a precious text that included spells to facilitate the journey of a dead person through the underworld. In Greek mythology, “Psykhe”, the goddess of the soul, traveled to the underworld and returned, her name comes from the Greek word for the soul.
Even after the advent of monotheism with the rise of Abrahamic religions, popular beliefs remained strong, from the fear of North Africa to ayin (the evil eye) to the ancient spiritual traditions of West Africa that spread Hoodoo and Voodoo throughout the New World. In medieval Europe, what we now know as tarot cards became a popular past and witchcraft, superstition and popular medicine were treated with the utmost seriousness. In the France of the SIXTEENTH century, a boy named Michel de Nostredame was born in Provence, and was later converted into the famous astrologer and reputed seer whose writings were to become part of popular culture even centuries after.

Psychic Readers in the Modern Era

In modern times, psychic readings today began to take shape. The spark came with three young sisters from Hydesville in northern New York state, who in 1848 began to make news of their alleged communications with a spirit living in their family home, becoming the first media of celebrities. Although in 1888 the sisters admitted that everything was a deception, by then they had already provoked a national madness called “modern spiritism”, which focused on the belief that the spirits of the dead exist and can communicate. Across the country, the media began holding sessions, and Mary Todd Lincoln received sessions at the White House, even with her husband present.
The division with the world of the spirits maintained a level of popularity throughout the early TWENTIETH century. In the 60’s and 70’s, the emergence of what came to be known as the New Age movement awakened a growing interest in spirituality and alternative medicine, as well as a variety of disciplines and supernatural as channeling, astral projection, and mediumship.

Psychic Readers and Hollywood Stars

Psychic Readers and Hollywood Stars

Few people have embraced psychic readings more than celebrities, and nowhere is this truer than Hollywood. For years, actress Shirley Maclaine has been known to a large extent for her new beliefs of the era, including that she lived in the mythical underwater world of Atlantis in a previous life. MacLaine has written several books on spirituality and mysticism, and has also given numerous interviews about his reported UFO sightings. Perhaps the most associated celebrity with psychic readings is the legendary singer Dionne Warwick, who in the 1990s began organizing infomercial for the Psychic Friends Network telephone service. Warwick earned millions a year as Telephone Service spokesman for much of the 1990s. Today, millions of viewers tune in every week to watch “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” on E!, and until his death in 2016, “Star Psychic” Ron Bard was greatly sought after by Japanese business leaders as well as superstar actor Brad Pitt.
Aiden Chase, also known as” Hollywood healer ” was the psychic and agent of The Hills star Heidi Montag, until she fired him in 2010 (apparently she didn’t see it coming). Renowned psychic medium James Van Praagh has been introduced by comedian Chelsea Handler on his show Chelsea Lately, and Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick have used a psychic for marriage counseling.

Psychic Readers and the Boardroom

It’s not just celebrities and their new old beliefs, though, business people are also consulting with psychics. Often called “intuitive counselors”or” spiritual advisors, ” these psychics met with titans of industry to advise them of their best course of action. In a 2015 Fortune article, an astrologer named Robert Ohotto is quoted as saying,” I think people would be amazed at the number of entrepreneurs who consult people like me, “adding that” any entrepreneur who has had a great success has a very well-developed institution of his own or consults people who do.”

And while these business leaders cannot talk about it publicly, privately they are willing to pay large sums of money for the services of a trusted psychic advisor, with a “financial psychic” quoted in the article saying that some clients pay as much as $10,000 per month for their services.

Granted, $ 10,000 a month might be a little out of your budget, but that doesn’t mean a psychic reading is beyond your means. For a reasonable price, you can get a session with a psychic reader trained by phone, text or video chat, according to your terms and whenever you want. I may not make you a celebrity, but you will join the timeless human legacy of seeking answers beyond the physical world.

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