Would you like to gain clarity over your lives and on the world around you? If yes, you should know about the psychic powers network that has constantly been offering psychic readings to their trusted clients over the phone since the year 2002. Their advisors have the significant goal of providing psychic readings to their clients and give them a clear idea of their lives and also about the world in which they reside. However the question is whether or not their readers deserve the popularity that they already gained. Read on to know about their psychic capabilities.

What Are the Different Kinds of Psychics and the Readings Offered?

A client has got the ability to access more than 300 consultants from the psychic power network. If you compare their work with the competitors, you’ll know that they stand apart from the crowd by offering you the most diverse consultants. Once you visit their website, they offer you a description of every consultant who works with them, details on who they are, their qualifications and the kind of readings which they provide. The wide varieties of readings that they offer are:

  • Love, relationships and romance
  • Tarot card
  • Pets
  • Finance and career
  • Life coaching
  • Healing
  • Dream interpretations and
  • Astrology

You will find each and every skill of the consultant written in his personal profile. Though there are increasingly large numbers of advisors available, you can use the filtering system to choose the best one according to your needs. You may even check the feedback and reviews from customers who have received the readings already.

Psychic Reading Methods

Psychic Reading Methods

Their psychic readings are all done over the telephone and this option may not be an ideal one for the customers who choose to have a personal experience with the advisor. When you get a reading on the phone, this may lack the personal touch which most people love to experience. On the other hand, it is also true that a phone reading means there won’t be any partiality from the psychic. Clients may question the credibility of the reading as the psychic is not able to see you and hence he just transforms the physical clues into a reading.

Costs You Have to Bear and Guarantees Offered

The advisors that you find in the psychic power grid will be available for a minute over phone for $1.99. The new clients will receive a new teaser rate of speaking at $1.95 for 10 minutes. However, if you become a regular caller, prices will add up. Few benefits offered by us to clients so that they can stay away from a costly bill are:

  • Free call minutes for frequently used services
  • 10 minutes free on your birthday
  • Free call minutes for any psychic as per your choice

In case you’re not satisfied with the reading of the psychic, they can refund you the money and the conditions are pretty strict for that. In order to receive a refund, you have to ensure that:

  • This is your first-ever call
  • You own only one account
  • You didn’t add paid minutes on to your phone
  • You inform the psychic power network within 24 hours of the last call

Screening Process at Psychic Power Network

The institution has a rather light process of screening for the prophets that they hire. While there are several other competitors who demand their clients to undergo several session of screenings before being hired officially, Psychic is not following the herd. All you have to do is fill out a simple form and offer a reading over the phone for the hiring officials of the company. The customers can also examine the consultants through their customer reviews and this is a rather cumbersome job for them.

Psychicpower.com – The Joining Procedure

Now that you know what they offer, you must be wondering about how you can join their website. Well, there are 2 ways to be a part of their network and receive your readings over the phone.

  • Firstly you can have an account on their official site
  • Secondly call their representative who will assist you in creating an account

Once the account is opened, you will get a confirmation mail and soon after you can book your favorite consultant for making the first call. They usually make booking and payments extremely simple and the even store all billing details so that the clients don’t have to worry after each call. Through your account, you can even trace the total number of minutes you spend speaking to your consultant. This data will let you obtain free minutes and benefits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Psychic Power

This review wouldn’t be complete without a quick list of the advantages and the disadvantages of Psychic Power Network.

The Advantages:

  • Offers a introductory offer for clients to speak for 10 minutes at $1.95
  • Has a filtering system through which the client can find the best consultant
  • Gives you reasonable rates of $1.99 for a minute of talk with the advisor
  • Has gained an experience of over 18 years
  • Has a simple joining process

The Disadvantages:

  • There are not many psychic counselors
  • Has a strict satisfaction guarantee which is only applicable on the first call
  • Readings are only offered over the phone.

Should You Opt for Psychic Power?

Should You Opt for Psychic Power?

In spite of the truth that the advisors are controlled hugely, yet the fact that there are several consultants to choose from, this is certainly a huge benefit. Moreover, it is easy to book and easy to call. Although the satisfaction guarantee isn’t ideal, their introductory offer seems great. It’s worth trying a 10-minute reading for a dollar and 95.

Overall, it can be safely concluded that this network is certainly worth trying especially if you’re looking forward to gaining clarity in your life and leading a positive lifestyle.

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