Proof of life after death. We all want to feel comforted knowing that the spirits of our loved ones are still with us once they have passed away. These five common signs of heaven give us that comfort and tranquility. All we need to do to receive the signs is open our hearts!

These are the things I have learned (and some of the stories I have heard) working as a spiritual medium. Feel the love of the spirit. Enjoy!

1. Vision

I know there are some skeptics out there who want concrete proof of life after death.

While no one can really give concrete evidence, visions and images of spirit are quite remarkable.

1. Vision

What follows is the incredible visit after the death of my grandmother Mary experienced:

The Story of Mary

Shortly after my grandfather passed away, my grandmother was in church with her eyes closed in prayer. She has always been a woman of faith, and she trusted her spirituality to carry her through this difficult moment of her life.

After a few moments in prayer, he opened his eyes. When he did, he saw my grandfather, her deceased husband, standing there smiling at her. She says the vision only lasted a few seconds, but it was as real as anything I’ve ever seen.

Like many others, my grandmother has lost many people in her life and believes in the afterlife, but explained that this particular experience changed life.

When this happened, several people said things like, ” I wonder why he visited her in church and not at home.Here are two possible reasons:

  • The church is a sacred place and that’s where my grandmother spends her time in prayer. When she is in prayer, she is essentially in a state of meditation that would make spiritual communication easier.
  • My grandfather knows that she attends church services faithfully every Sunday. This could be a factor, too.

I agree that a vision would be an indisputable proof of life after death! I’m so glad you had this special moment.

It’s almost magical how our loved ones in heaven let us know they’re okay. I don’t know how much energy it takes on your part to get in touch with us, but I’m sure it’s enough. I guess that shows how much they love us.

Types of Spiritual Visions

Complete vision: a vision like my grandmother is one of the rarest types of spiritual communication. If you have had an experience like this, you may have seen your loved one solidly or it may have looked translucent.

Photographs: another common way people see their loved ones after they have passed is in the photographs.

I have heard many stories of people who see contours of their loved ones or orbs in photos that are taken after a loved one passes by.

(Note: some paranormal professionals feel that solid orbs are a better indicator of the true presence of the spirit than translucent orbs, which can sometimes be dust particles).

Tip: If you don’t feel your loved one around, try to spend some time in a relaxed state, such as meditating, reading in silence, or listening to music. While your loved ones are always close, when you are in a relaxed state of higher vibration, it is easier for you to feel their energy.

And remember, you can always talk to a medium. I recommend the media here, because they’re the ones who helped me after my aunt passed away. I also like that rates are very affordable. You have a 15-minute option for $ 10 or a $ 1-minute option. When he calls, ask to speak to a medium.

2. Touch Invisible

Have you ever felt a soft touch on your head, arm, or back, but there was no one there? Or how about feeling like someone stroked your hair?

This is another sign that our loved ones are close and, as with the orbs in the photographs, many people consider the “spiritual touch” to be evidence of a proof of life after death.

Many people report that they feel especially comforted by the phenomenon of spiritual touch, because it’s like they’re a loved one that’s getting to say, ” I’m here.” I love you.

Have you ever detected a presence?

You may not feel any physical sensation at all. Instead, you can suddenly feel or feel the presence of your loved one next to you, or in the same room as you.

If you really feel trapped with this and would like some support, there are many gifted means available to chat with acknowledge.

3. What Smells Are Also Evidence of Life After Death?

The answer to that question is yes! Smells are a common way in which our loved ones in heaven let us know that they are near.

It will usually be associated with the person in spirit.:

  • a certain perfume or flower
  • a favorite meal
  • cigarette or cigarette smoke
  • or any other scent that reminds you of them

You will smell it suddenly, in your home or car, even when the windows and doors are closed.

Maria, Amos and Soap Connection

Maria is over 80 years young client of mine who wanted me to share her story (it’s a real firecracker!). Mary tells me that there is a way she knows for sure when her beloved husband, Amos, is near: smell the marker soap!

Apparently, the Dial soap was the only soap your husband would use when he was alive. They would have arguments sometimes because Mary would want to try something new or buy a soap that was for sale, but her husband insisted on Dial. Now, when she gets an unexpected mouthful of soap, she knows he’s around.

4. Sweet Dreams

The proof of life after death comes in many ways, including Dreams. This has happened to me and countless other people with whom I have spoken.

Have you ever dreamed of a loved one who has passed away? A dream that was so vivid that it felt real?

Well, the reason it felt real was because it was real. Those in spirit often use dreams as a way to visit us.

Here are some signs that your dream was actually a visit from the other side.:

  • The dream is very vivid
  • Your loved one is happy, smiling and free from disease and worry
  • Communication may have been telepathic-there were no spoken words
  • The experience was emotional: you can wake up with tears in your eyes

5. Moving Objects

5. Moving Objects

Heaven is really the limit when it comes to communications after death. Moving objects is another way our loved ones in the sky draw our attention.

The object can be anything, but it is often something that is important to you: a special photo, jewelry piece, etc. in the following story, it was a prayer book that had meaning.:

Rosie and the Prayer Book

When the husband of Rosie, George, died, the family wanted to have the 23rd Psalm (the favorite of George printed on the back of their cards funeral. Unfortunately, the family couldn’t reach the printer in time.

One day, shortly after the funeral, Rosie was home alone. She was walking down the aisle when she saw her prayer book lying on the floor open to – you guessed it-Psalm 23!

I had No idea how the prayer book came because it was kept in a different room and never on the floor. She knows this was George’s way of letting him know he was close.

Avoid This Common Mistake

When your family members or friends on the other side take the time and energy to show you a proof of Life After Death, value it! They are around to visit and console, so enjoy the moment.

I hear so many people asking questions like, “Do you really think that was my father?”Don’t guess yourself. Instead, comfort knowing that your loved one is close.

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