1.Monica the Medium

Mónica el Medio is one of the youngest mediums the world has ever seen. According to her website, Monica realized her natural mediumship skills at the early age of 15.

A humble and sweet soul, Monica uses her gifts to convey messages from the other side, providing comfort to those who have lost their loved ones. You can catch Monica Ten-Kate on her TV show, “Monica the Medium” on Freeform.

2. Theresa Caputo, the Medium Length of the Island

Blatant. Heart of gold. Big hair. We must be talking about Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium!

Theresa Caputo is a half-born and raised in New York and author of the book, There is more to life than this: healing messages, remarkable stories and information about the other side of the Long Island middle. People love this lady so much, she had a waiting list two years before she became famous!

And now that she’s famous, she has almost a million followers on her Facebook page. No wonder he’s one of the most famous mediums on Earth!

What I love about Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium – She is only an ole normal ‘New Yorker who loves his family … and he just happens to talk to the dead.

3. Chip Coffey

3. Chip Coffey

Gifted since birth, Chip Coffey is a psychic medium who was born in New York and has spent a lot of time in front of the camera. In addition to countless television interviews, he has worked with real-life ghost hunters on the Paranormal State series.

People (including me!) love Chip Coffey. That’s why he has over 126,000 Facebook fans!

Favorite things about Chip Coffey:

  • It’s simple: Chip always seems to say what he has in mind … and it’s pretty funny! I always like to read your Facebook messages for these reasons.
  • He helps children – in the television series Psychic Kids has worked with children and teenagers teaching them how to work with, and not fear, their gifts.
  • He loves animals – enough said!

4. Allison Dubois, Medium

Allison Dubois is the beautiful medium that was the inspiration for the Medium television program.

In addition to inspiring successful television shows, Allison Dubois has written many books about the afterlife, including Don’t Kiss Them good-bye.

The Allison Dubois media has also seen their share of controversy. In 2010, he had a special appearance on the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. When shown on the air, she was heavily criticized for being drunk and unpleasant to the other guests.

Allison responded that the show was poorly edited, and that viewers were unable to see everything that happened between the women. Whatever the case, she’s still one of the best-known psychics on Earth!

5. Maureen Hancock

5. Maureen Hancock

Maureen Hancock is rapidly becoming one of the most famous media in the United States. Their ability to communicate with the dead began after a devastating car accident in 1992.

In Maureen’s hometown, Massachusetts, she is known for her great sense of humor. Their precision and detail are so amazing that their Postcards From Heaven show runs out almost as soon as tickets are offered!

Here are some things you’ve worked on.:

  • guest appearances on the Ricki Lake Show
  • his own book, The Medium Next Door
  • many local radio and television ads
  • Pilot of television for the producers of ABC Media & Ghost Whisperer, Psychic in Suburbia.

The other wonderful thing about Maureen Hancock is that she volunteers her time to comfort those who are sick. She’s the real deal, and an amazing person!

Most of the books written by the media on this page can be purchased through the links below. All purchases through these links help support this site.

6. John Holland

Boston native John Holland makes spiritual communication look like an art form. Just seeing the way he delivers his messages, and he explains every detail fascinates me.

I remember seeing him in the TV special A & E Mediums: We See Dead People, and thinking, ” Wow!”

In addition to being one of the world’s most famous media outlets, John Holland is a best-selling author of several books, including Born Know and Power of the Soul.

He is also a spiritual master and shares his experience helping others learn to tune in to their own intuition.

7. John Edward, Crossing Over

One of the most famous media in the world is John Edward (his name is often confused with John Edwards – medio).

A psychic medium born and raised in New York and best-selling author, carries out his readings in a meaningless style.

This famous medium has starred in Crossing Over With John Edward, a television show in which he would give messages from the other side to members of the audience.

His website and books talk about how he was told at an early age that he would be a beacon, using his gifts to teach people around the world. That prophecy has certainly come true!

8. James Van Praagh

If someone gave me a T-shirt that said “I Heart James Van Praagh”, I’d wear it!

James Van Praagh is one of the most famous media on Earth, and the best-selling author of many books, including talking to heaven. He has also produced television programmes.

I first learned from James Van Praagh on the day the miniseries about his life, living with the Dead, aired. Since then, he has produced the successful Ghost Whisperer series.

He was born in New York (I see here a pattern of famous New York mediums), and originally intended to become a Catholic priest, when, during prayer at the age of 14, he was called to “find God in the outside world.”

My Favorite Thing About Jams Van Praagh – his kind nature, and the fact that he has brought hope and comfort to countless people all over the world.

9. Michelle Whitedove, the Psychic #1 of America

A super cool lady, Michelle Whitedove demonstrated her genuine psychic abilities at the reality show America’s Psychic Challenge, where she was named the #1 psychic from the United States.

The honor is well deserved, because this lady does everything. Your gifts include:

  • spiritual environment
  • detective psychic
  • intuitive health

Michelle Whitedove also appeared in the HBO documentary: No one dies on Lily Dale. Personally, she was my favorite spiritual medium (for those of you who don’t know, The Lily Dale Assembly is a great spiritualist community in northern New York state).

10. Lisa Williams, Medium

Lisa Williams is a gifted English medium, and one of the best known psychics in the world. Made famous by their popular television shows Life Among the Dead and Voices from the Other Side.

Lisa’s website states that she has seen spirits since she was a little girl, and that her grandmother was also a medium. He also talks about how he never sought to do readings for people, but the word of mouth about his abilities spread like a forest fire. I guess you could say it was meant to be!

Lisa Williams is a medium that is a joy to see. He currently presents his own radio show, The Lisa Williams Show, and offers spiritual development classes.

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