Famous fortune tellers. People have been fascinated with mystical abilities since … well, forever!

Psychic and divination abilities are as old as time, but we don’t always hear about supernaturally gifted people from the past. (That’s probably because society hasn’t always smiled upon our gifts, but it’s coming!)

These days, famous fortune tellers are known and loved by people from all over the world!

These are some of the most famous psychics in history, passed to the present. Who knows?.. perhaps you will meet the next great psychic on his journey through this world!

Famous Fortune Tellers in History

Marie Anne Lenormand

Marie Anne Lenormand

One of the fortunetellers most famous in history is Marie Anne Lenormand. She was born in 1772 and was a tarot card reader. Many people in France still consider it the best of all time!

Marie was a friend of Napoleon’s wife and actually predicted that she would rule France ten years before she came to power! At the time, I didn’t even believe him!

Through his 40 years of practice, he read tarot letters to many famous French aristocrats and generals.

She was so influential that a popular set of tarot cards was named after her. (Many card readers still use this set today! Have you seen them? They are fabulous and there are so many beautiful varieties.)



Another early French fortune teller was Nostradamus. He’s probably the most famous psychic in history.

During the 1500’s, he used his mystical gifts to build a calendar of predictions. He became well-known and wanted.

People would travel from everywhere to read their horoscopes or answer questions for them … and this is in the days when the journey was very difficult, before the planes and Uber!

Nostradamus’s writings have been translated by many people over time. His predictions foreshadowed many important historical events, including:

  • Hitler’s rise
  • First and Second World War
  • The Great Fire in London

His mystical journey even led him to spiritual communication and mediumship! To this day, Nostradamus is still revered by many people gifted as one of the first pioneers.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce

In the 20th century, Edgar Cayce began his supernatural journey. He is one of the most famous soothsayers of all time, and known for dabbling in so many different mystical practices – from the interpretation of dreams to spiritual healing to clairvoyance to reincarnation.

He wrote in almost everything in our world, but what we really love about him is that he used his psychic gifts to help others as much as he could.

People would look for Edgar Cayce to help diagnose their diseases through hypnosis and meditation. By tuning in to the spiritual energies, he was able to teach them how to relieve their symptoms and find comfort.

It wasn’t just about improving people’s lives with guidance, for him; it was about changing their lives for the better!


Psychic Twins

Psychic Twins

Identical twins Terry and Linda Jamison are super famous fortune tellers and psychic mediums. They are best known for their predictions of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers.

The Jamisons also accurately predicted other terrorist attacks and catastrophes (such as the Boston Marathon bombing, the mass shooting in Las Vegas and the Paris terrorist attacks).

These girls are definitely busy, between their private psychic practice in Los Angeles and their media appearances! Have been seen on Good Morning America, The Tyra Show, The Today Show, and more. It’s been fun to see his rise in popularity.

You can watch their YouTube channel, The Psychic Twins, to follow their exciting world predictions!

José Ortiz (El Buen Samaratino)

José Ortiz is probably the most famous Puerto Rican psychic. He is known by his fans as The Good Samaritan.

Good Samaritan landed his first concert as a radio psychic at the age of 14. (Speaking of talent, right? Sometimes, when you have a gift, just.

Since then, he has shared his predictions on both radio and many Telemundo and Univision programs, and has gained quite a few followers in the Latino community.

Joseph is not just a soothsayer, though! He’s also a gifted astrologer. Many lucky New Yorkers have received horoscope readings from him during his radio shows.

June Field

Another modern wonder of spiritual gifts is June Field. She is a means that travels the country and uses her skills to help people connect with those who have passed on to the other side.

June competed in (and won) the International Battle of psychics! It is now known as the world’s largest psychic medium.

But her fame does not prevent her from moving away from her ultimate goal: to help people reach their loved ones who have died. She brings people to closure and peace as they communicate with friends and family who lost.

Matt Fraser

And speaking of psychic media, Matt Fraser is another acquaintance! His gifts run in the family, so it was no surprise to him when he discovered his ability to connect with the spirit.

He speaks to the souls in heaven and brings messages back to their families here on Earth. Your goal is to make sure everyone appreciates life and sees your everyday blessings!

Matt also works to help others find and grow their own psychic abilities through his book The Secrets to unlock his psychic ability.

Theresa Caputo

No psychic list would be complete without Theresa Caputo, better known as the Long Island Medium.

Theresa has her own reality show (The Long Island Medium in TLC), where she shares her talents and helps others receive messages from their past loved ones.

She is known for her brave personality as well as her psychic gifts. Their relatability is a thing that people love about Theresa.

It is easy to think that people with well-developed psychic abilities are “woo woo” and ethereal and not exactly like everyone else. But, people like Theresa Caputo make it absolutely clear that psychics are normal people … you just happened to have some very interesting gifts!

Takeaways of the Famous Fortune Teller

These are just a handful of famous psychics throughout history, but there is no end to the list of gifted psychics (famous and otherwise!) that changed the world one life at a time.

The truth is that people have always found comfort and answers when they experience a psychic reading. It was true “back then,” and it’s definitely true now.

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