Looking for clarity in your life? Finding a convenient and reliable psychic network can be difficult! Meet your Psychic is one of the most popular psychic reading companies since 2011. Their company is based on a mission to guide all their customers through life ethically. We’ve tried some of their consultants to help you decide whether to use them.

Watch our meeting your psychic review below and find out if this psychic network suits you.

Types of Psychics and Offered Readings

Your psychic has a huge network of psychic consultants to choose from. Each consultant has his own profile where you can read their areas of expertise, see their schedule and read reviews from people who ordered readings from them.

There are many different types of readings that are available through meeting your psychic. The types of readings offered include::

  • Past lives
  • Love and relationships
  • Career and finances
  • Energetic healing and spiritual well-being
  • Healing of Chakras
  • And more!

You can also choose from different reading styles to find a psychic who communicates in a way you prefer. Various psychics can have a blunt, conversational or compassionate reading style. You can filter all these options on their psychic network page to find the consultant who best suits you!

Methods Of Psychic Reading

Methods Of Psychic Reading

We love that meeting your psychic offers multiple methods to receive your reading. You can choose from:

  • Telephone Readings
  • Conversation Readings
  • Email Reads
  • Text Readings

Unfortunately, not all consultants provide all four methods. Consultants are able to choose the type of reading they provide and list it in their profile. However, with the large selection of consultants available, we are sure that you can find a consultant who suits your needs both spiritually and in their form of communication.

How Does the Process Work?

To have a read through knowing your psychic, you must first start a subscription. Membership is easy to register through their website. Once you’ve created your membership, you can easily book your psychic online!

Choose your consultant through the online database provided on their website. You can find the consultant that best suits your needs using the filters located at the top of the page. Once you find a consultant you like, you can request to schedule a read. A Member Service agent will call you back the next time your requested advisor is online.

Once the reading is scheduled, your consultant will contact you with your specified method and perform the reading! Later, you will be charged a flat rate for the time you requested. The process to get readings through meeting your psychic is very easy!


Unlike many other psychic networks, meeting your psychic doesn’t cost any minute by minute. Instead, you receive a flat rate for the number of minutes for which you book your consultant. You will always know how much you have been loaded in advance, which is definitely convenient. The flat rates for telephone and chat readings listed on their website are:

  • $ 55 for 10 minutes
  • $ 65 for 15 minutes
  • $ 105 for 30 minutes
  • $ 135 for 45 minutes
  • $ 165 for 60 Minutes

These rates are much cheaper than the average cost per minute that most psychic networks charge. We also appreciate that if your advisor goes a few minutes further, you will not be charged extra. This means that your reading will not be rushed, and you will always know exactly what to expect in your bill.

For new members, you can receive a read for much lower prices to help you decide if you like to meet your psychic. The tariffs of the new member states are:

  • $ 10 for 10 minutes
  • $ 15 for 15 minutes
  • $ 30 for 30 minutes

The new offer for members is a lot! Emails and text readings are also offered at $ 30 per application. Unfortunately, these services do not allow questions or clarifications. We think your phone and chat methods are better options for accessibility and will provide you with more clarity after reading.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Meeting your psychic does not guarantee that their consultants will provide you with accurate predictions. It’s typical of any psychic network, so no surprises here. However, they offer a satisfaction guarantee to help take care of you if you are dissatisfied with your advisor.

You have the first five minutes of each phone or chat reading to decide if you are dissatisfied. If you are not happy with your chosen consultant, you can receive a reassignment for up to 15 minutes, taking these measures:

  • Disconnect from your phone or chat reading in the first 5 minutes
  • Call your psychic services within 24 hours

Unfortunately, the services of the member states do not provide any kind of reimbursement. You can only earn up to 15 minutes of call time, regardless of the number of minutes you originally ordered. This is a big problem if your original reading was scheduled for 30 or 60 Minutes. The Member Services also reserve the right to deny the request for reassignment.

These are very strict conditions that can cost you money. We are not particularly enthusiastic about this guarantee, especially since your request for reassignment can be denied for any reason. If you decide to use Meet Your sensitive, we do not suggest you book a long read with any new consultant since there is not much you can do if you are not satisfied.

Psychic Screening Process

There is a wide demand to become a consultant to meet your psychic. Candidates are invited to provide:

  • Their personal data
  • The type of medium in which they prefer to work
  • The types of readings that are able to give
  • Previous work experience as a psychic

All consultants who are hired through Met your Psychic have previous experience, ensuring that clients are helped by quality Psychic. Many other screening processes that we have seen are light compared to those of this company, so we appreciate the completeness of this employment process!


  • Flat-rate invoicing
  • Great offers for new members
  • Simple procedure for booking and receiving readings
  • Four different types of methods available for readings
  • A huge database of experienced psychics
  • A wide variety of readings
  • Easy to find a consultant for your needs with filtering options
  • You will find a psychic available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


  • Low satisfaction guarantee
  • No returns available
  • Additional questions are not available for text and email reads

Should You Try To Meet Your Psychic?

Overall, the benefits of meeting your psychic far outweigh the negatives! Meeting your psychic provides customers with an easy way to get convenient readings from psychic experts. While their satisfaction guarantee is lacking, we believe that you can find success with consultants who are available.

Be wary of text readings and emails if you want to be able to ask for in-depth analysis in the readings. We think that phone and chat readings are certainly the most beneficial methods for customers to receive clarity. We really enjoyed using Meet Your sensitive, and we think you will too! If you’re trying to get psychic reading of any kind, this is a company worth checking out.

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