Relationships are based on trusting your partner as much as they are based on trusting yourself. When you have a chemistry that feels purely electrical, a love that runs deeper than the ocean, and a story full of ecstatic and sad ups and downs, it can be easy to ignore your inner guidance when something feels out. How do you know who to trust when you’re so committed?

Tarot card readers can serve to persuade your inner guide of confusion and illuminate the truths you may have known from the beginning. If you have an indescribable feeling that there is something different about your relationship with your partner and that you may be having an affair, grab your deck of tarot cards, or visit a psychic who can interpret the meaning and truths behind your intuition.

Cheating Cards

The tarot cards began as a card game in the FIFTEENTH century, and it was not until the EIGHTEENTH century that were used for divination. Each card in the deck has its own meaning or universal symbols (often referred to as archetypes). Although some believe that tarot cards can tell the future, the truth is that they are more of a way to reflect on their choices and make decisions with power, and many people turn to tarot cards in search of answers about their current relationships. The following cards may shed some light on a certain part of your relationship, specifically, the other relationships of those you thought were in a relationship with:

The Three of Swords: an ominous card that insinuates the anguish of betrayal, the three of Spades is a classic card of deception and often means a love triangle. Beware of romantic intruders who stand between you and your lover.

3-swords-card 3-swords-card Cheating Cards

The Moon-the moon generally represents the hidden or undisclosed element of our relationships. Maybe your lover is just entertaining thoughts of infidelity. Or maybe it’s already at stake. Either way, this letter is insinuating something subtle, but secretive, that happens beneath the surface.

the-moon  Cheating Cards

The Queen Of Swords -someone’s up to something. The Queen Of Swords means events that conspire among people who may wish to harm you. Open your eyes and keep your heart.

queen-of-swords Cheating Cards

The Knight of the Wands: a symbol of lust, power, adventure. This may have nothing to do with you personally, but rather your partners uncontrollable passions and appetites, which may be leading you to forbidden lands.

knight-of-wands Cheating Card

The Seven of the Swords: this is the card most associated with deception. Keep your ears open for the verbal signs of infidelity-lying is the message of the seven of Spades.

seven-of-swords Cheating Cards

The Devil – a classic temptation card. Is there anyone close to you in the position of capturing your partner’s eyes? Do not concentrate on abstract scenarios with this; the source of infidelity is real and potentially closer than you think.

the-devil-tarot-card Cheating Card

The Tower-the hell depicted on the tower card is sudden and devastating. That’s an apt metaphor. The source of the disappearance of their relationship could be a brother or a best friend. Prepare for a revelation that breaks the Earth.

the-tower Cheating Cards

By seeking answers about your relationship or path to finding a loving partner, the following cards in the deck may shed some much needed light on the affairs of the heart:

The Magician: Tarot Card Represents Deception

Pulling any number of these cards is a good sign for your relationship, but what about those pointing to your partner’s signals are facing, or have given in, temptations? If you ask the reader why you have the feeling that something is out between you and your partner and you pull “the Magician”, your suspicions have merit.

The magician represents deception, and signs that someone is wearing the swindler’s hat. Taking this letter out of the Sledgehammer may mean your partner is hiding something from you. Take a moment to reflect on this situation: were you ignoring your inner guidance and minimizing a potential issue? Have you been able to set limits that make it clear that you deserve a healthy partnership?

If this card shows up in your spread, don’t be scared, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re cheating. The magician may indicate that they have been presented with the opportunity and are considering the option, or are struggling with doubts about the relationship and will find a way to explore other options soon.

If you have visited a psychic or tarot card reader and are not sure how you and your partner will return to the track, maintain faith, each relationship goes through its own challenges and trials.

How Tarot Can Help You Know if Your Partner’s Deception

In one case, a woman who visited a psychic for a reading of the tarot card found that the person she loved most of all was about to make a decision that would change their relationship forever.

For Sarah, it was love at first sight when she saw Ryan in a bar. Before marriage, the couple stayed together for 7 years and established a meaningful bond based on understanding and trust. Recently, though, something wasn’t right for Sarah, so she and the psychic focused on a reading about Ryan. Remembering how they met, Sarah took out the two cups, pointing out that her foundation was solid and her connection deep.

By considering how the relationship evolved over time, Sarah pulled the Queen out of Spades, a sign that Sarah had taken more of the position of caregiver / Task Manager in the relationship, rather than being her true partner.

Wondering where Ryan was at the time, Sarah got all four drinks. He may not have been cheating, but he certainly had the chance.

And as he looked to the future, he pulled out the Tower, a card confirming that if he continued on his way as head of tasks, there would be irreversible problems ahead.

The last letter Sarah took was strength. To reverse the situation and put responsibility back in Sarah’s hands, she needed to realize that her control over him would eventually make him resent her. She needed to learn to stay strong, but bend and let him be himself.

When Sarah saw this psychic again, she confided that she and Ryan had gone to counseling, and Ryan had admitted that he had met someone who was more spontaneous. Even though I hadn’t cheated, I had considered it. After much inner reflection, Sarah and Ryan had been able to slowly rebuild their connection and trust in others.

In the case of Sarah and Ryan, Sarah’s intuition led her to a psychic who read the letters that confirmed what she had suspected in some way. It is not easy to admit that you feel adrift in your relationship, but there are soft ways to allow you to recognize out loud what you feel inside and then use the cover to guide your next steps.

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