Tarot cards originated in the mid-15th century and were originally used as game cards for games such as the French Tarot and the Tarocchini. It was not until some time around the EIGHTEENTH century that these cards started to be used for divination and fortune telling.
The traditional deck used in the tarot card readings has 78 cards with the 4 regular sticks, an additional trump card stick and a fool card. The palo de Triomphe and the card of the Fool are known as the Arcanos Mayores, forming a deck of 22 cards that is used for divination and allegorical representation. Anyone who wants to make the most of the tarot card readings must learn the meaning behind these symbolic letters. Indeed, if you are gifted, you can even read for yourself or others once you have mastered the art of divination and interpret the meanings behind the card symbols. Below is an in-depth look at each of the larger Arcane cards, along with possible interpretations they can carry.

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1. The Meaning of the Magician Tarot Card

The Magician, the first of the cards of the Major Arcana, it speaks of the ability of man to control his own destiny through the channeling of their desires and strength of will. The Magician’s card tells you to push yourself to your limits because, with that kind of determination, you will surely succeed. Ignore distractions for a higher purpose, focusing on the task by hand. The opposite of this is to recognize deception when it lifts its ugly head. Proceed with caution, weighing your options and then make the right decisions.

2. The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

The tarot card of the High Priestess is a reassuring letter to draw. It tells you to believe in yourself, listen to your inner voice because you have the positive intuition to make the right decisions. The priestess sits between good and evil (black and white pillars), professing her powers of intuition, able to see things that were previously obscured or hidden in sight. Be aware of the influential negatives who try to derail their self-confidence and set aside their fears.

3. The Meaning of the Empress Tarot Card

The Empress represents a deep connection with nature and life. Like the card holder, it extracts energy from the Earth, trees, water and sun. Make way for your creative and sensual energy to sprout, and you’ll see great things come out of this.

4. The Meaning of the Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor is a double-sided card that can mean one of two things. On the upper side, he represents order and stability. This can come under the guise of financial independence, discipline in relationships, or other healthy, realistic limits in your life. On the other hand, the emperor might come to tell you that you are too rigid, inflexible and inconsiderate with the needs of the people around you. The way you live and organize your life is represented here, so examine your behaviors and see which direction you’re leaning in.

5. The Meaning of the Tarot Letter Hierophant

The Hierophant, literally translated, reveals the sacred. It is not difficult to see that this card helps us to reveal the sacred within the mundane routines of our lives. When this letter appears, it is an invitation to deepen, to discover which powerful and pious energies lie beneath our preconceived notions and daily choices. Challenge your beliefs, ask yourself why before you simply accept, and remember that you have the power to change your deeply rooted assumptions for a better life.

6. The Meaning of the Lovers Tarot Card

6. The Meaning of the Lovers Tarot Card

This is an exciting card for anyone to draw. It means you’re standing at a crossroads, about to make a fundamental decision in your life. It Represents embracing a new and unknown path, either in your current or new relationships. It also welcomes us to participate on both sides of our soul, the feminine and the masculine, within proportion. The tree of fire that is depicted at the bottom reminds us that we must maintain a balance of these two forces, but not ignore any completely.

7. The Meaning of the Charlot Tarot Card

The Chariot card symbolizes movement, naturally, and is an empowerment card that gives strength, encouragement and confirmation to take the next step in life. This symbol also represents finding the necessary balance between limitations and liberation to maximize life’s experiences and tools.

8. The Meaning of the Strength Tarot Card

The force is necessary in moderation, because a tree trunk that is too strong and inflexible will surely snap with the winds of change and reality. This symbol of the older Arcans shows us the strength to be flexible. It teaches us to bend, but not to break, with the storms in our lives, learning to accept our place in life and the causes of uncontrollable aspects. Embracing the unknown, accepting our hidden feelings, appreciating our less than perfect elements frees us from our weaknesses. * Force and justice are sometimes the number 8 and sometimes the number 11 depending on the system you are seeing.

9. The Meaning of the Hermit Tarot Card

9. The Meaning of the Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit is leading you in a new direction in life. He is looking to the left, representing the past, holding a lantern that symbolizes the Enlightenment of the way to a new future. Ask yourself what’s holding you back, what you’re clinging to from the past that’s blocking your path to the future. The Hermit also has the 6-pointed star, a message of balanced male and female energy. He is reminding you that to continue; you will need to have a healthy balance of both.

10. The Meaning of Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The wheel of Fortune represents the life cycles we go through in all areas of life. It represents the transition and the need to seriously consider the main fundamental aspects of our lives. This card should be explored more deeply than most, and an expert reader should be consulted.

11. The Meaning of the Justice Tarot Card

Justice is about weighing life as it is today and seeing if it is going in the right direction. Often, your inner soul has had enough, but your subconscious is too afraid to make a change. As you long for deeper meaning through more satisfying work, loving relationship, or life situation, the changes that must be made are difficult and frightening. The karmic balance of the scales of Justice is the way the universe tells you to take a long, hard look at your current situation and to reevaluate honestly.* Force and justice are sometimes the number 8 and sometimes the number 11 depending on the system you are seeing.

12. The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

The Hanged Man has an interesting message for us: surrender. Often in life, we fight tooth and nail just to find out that we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. This letter shows us that it’s okay to put the fight aside, to put aside the old habits that are restricting you. Meditation and acceptance can lead to liberation and renewed fervor for life.

13. The Meaning of the Tarot Card of Death

Ironically, death is one of the most empowering cards in the older Arcans. Death, in fact, symbolizes an end and retrospectively, a new beginning. The astute reader will notice the sun rising in the background of the card, a symbol that light, hope and New Beginnings will come soon. Death usually symbolizes the end of a bad habit (hence the skeleton in armor). This could be smoking, love-less relationships, or a dead end job. The flower of 5 petals on the card represents novelty and spirit. Commit to this new spirit, and you can expect great things to follow.

14. The Meaning of the Temperance Tarot Card

The tarot card of temperance is all about bringing your interior 4 elements back into your proper balance. Earth( Your Body-satisfying your needs), water (your heart – do you love yourself?), fire (your passions, what motivates you?), and the air (your mind – are you embracing your thoughts?) they need to be in harmony to achieve serenity. Dig deeper to see if you have confidence in each of these areas.

15. The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The devil’s tarot card represents the side of ourselves that we have hidden even from our own conscious mind. At some point in life, we have to make a choice and define ourselves, and that automatically requires discarding other options of who we might be (and be). The Devil challenges us to unlock those inner beings and be faithful to them. The chains hang freely around the partners ‘ necks to symbolize that we are not completely tied to our present self, and we have space to become the whole of us, if we have the courage.

16. The Meaning of the Tower Tarot Card

The tower is a presentiment card for many readers, although it does not have to contain ominous messages. In its basic form, the tower represents change. It symbolizes the consequences of our actions, whether positive or negative. The underlying message is that while change can be unpleasant or difficult to handle at the time, often this same consequence will lead to our salvation. Therefore, although change may not be easy, it can have significant ramifications and positive spills in the future. The tower tells you to proceed cautiously when making decisions after a change and not be too drastic in your choices.

17. The Meaning of the Star Tarot Card

The star is a beautiful, reassuring and welcome symbol. He tells the reader that they have come to peace. Any difficulties that have been plaguing your lives so far have come to an end, and you can expect quieter waters from here on out. This could symbolize the search for the right life partner, a satisfying job, or health.

18. The Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card

The Moon tarot card has a clear message for all of us. Smooth. Be lighter. Be softer. Don’t be afraid to add a little femininity to your life, whether you’re a man or a woman, because that’s what your inner self is desire right now. Listen to your dreams, go back to your roots and give yourself permission to feel what you are feeling.

19. The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

As expected, the sun card represents optimism, the Dawn that follows even the darkest nights. The kid on the card shows us innocence, purity. This card symbolizes success and abundance. Take action now because everything will be fine.

20. The Meaning of the Judgement Tarot Card

There is no escape from judgment, and this letter tells us. All images point to this destination, and when a reader pulls out this card, he tells him to reflect and evaluate his choices and actions in life. Possibly in response to a recent awakening or Epiphany, the judgment tells us to be true to ourselves and to examine the elections carefully but to move forward in them.

21. The Meaning of the World Tarot Card

The World, The Last card of the major Arcans, adequately transmits the satisfaction that comes from its completion. With the four elements present, the maid on the card shows us that whatever she is currently fighting IS for nothing, and she will soon come to a successful conclusion. Expected there. The reverse of this card is to express the need to make a positive commitment to something, which will culminate in satisfaction.

22. The Meaning of the Fool Tarot Card

The Fool is the first or last card of the tarot, and is certainly the most fun for many people. It means living in the moment, taking risks, living life to the fullest. The Madman tells us to believe in ourselves, to take charge, to forge new beginnings and not to be afraid of being spontaneous.

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