The LifeReader psychic network is a valuable resource for those who try to get an idea of the specific aspects of their daily life. Users often turn to LifeReader when they need an expert’s external perspective on their current situation.

A psychic to LifeReader is able to analyze the lives of users and identify what is affecting their feelings of happiness, success and accomplishment, or lack of it.

What Is LifeReader?

LifeReader users are able to visit and choose a psychic reader that will suit their preferences. The website allows users to narrow the selection of online psychics based on their knowledge within specific fields.

LifeReader provides a personal biography of each psychic, so that users can familiarize themselves with the potential level of experience, values, and ideals of their player before making their final decision. The site also offers the zodiac sign of each psychic if the user chooses to consider this aspect of his potential reader.

Selecting an appropriate Psychic, the user is invited to come to their prepared session with written questions. The user is also expected to be relaxed, comfortable and ready to interact with the reader enthusiastically. According to LifeReader, full-hearted participation in the session will allow the psychic and the user to establish a strong connection, keep the spiritual energy alive and allow the reader to produce more accurate predictions.

​Types of Psychics and Offered Readings

Many of LifeReader’s psychics specialize in multiple fields of psychic reading, so users are able to get in touch with a reader for a variety of services.

Types of Psychics and Offered Readings

Psychics and Clairvoyants​

Often used interchangeably, these two terms both refer to someone who is able to predict future events or otherwise explain events that cannot be perceived using everyday senses. LifeReader psychologists offer services such as occult readings, Angel readings, Crystal Ball readings, tea leaf readings, rune stone readings, mind readings, and dream interpretations. Many of these services require their observance of a specific object, such as tea leaves, or some provision of basic information by the user, such as the content of a dream.

Tarot Readers

​Tarot card readers use their experience to interpret specialized decks of cards on a per-user basis. Tarot card readers do not focus much on fortune-telling; rather, they strive to give their customers practical advice on how to make current decisions that will impact their future. LifeReader’s Tarot card readers can interpret cards such as Crowley, Lenormand, Angel Card, Skat Card, Kipper Card, Osho-Zen cards and Rider Waite cards.

These different categories of tarot cards differ in physical characteristics such as their suits and number of Cards. They also differ in how they are intended to be read and rather take a more psychological or practical approach.


Astrologers study astrological charts to better understand the individual life path of a person or personality traits. LifeReader has psychics working with astrological methods of specific cultures, to include Indian, Vedic and Chinese astrology. Other LifeReader astrologers choose to focus their efforts on astrological disciplines such as horoscope readings, karmic astrology, birth chart recordings and numerology.

Love Tips

Some LifeReader readers are available to offer detailed advice for users to implement in their personal relationships. Love counselors provide specialized readings and advice in terms of Souls, dating, Love and sex, family, relationships, karmic relationships, deceased loved ones, and even breakups.

Mind, Body and Spirit

Mind, Body and Spirit

​LifeReader’s mind, body and spirit advisors advise users on aspects of their physical and mental health, to include diet, anger management and find intrinsic motivation. Counselors of mind, body and Spirit offer life coaching, naturopathy, spiritual guidance and crystal healing to achieve these goals. There are also some unique services provided by Mind, Body and spiritual advisors, such as sexual counseling, animal communication, Reiki healings, and aura readings to help users understand the most confusing or frustrating aspects of their lives.

Methods Of Psychic Reading

While many psychic reading services offer their services via phone calls, online chat, email and video calls, LifeReader currently only allows readers to conduct their sessions through phone calls and online chat. Some readers offer only one method for their sessions (only phone calls or online chat), while others allow the user to choose between these two methods.

When determining which reader to choose, find out what methods they offer. Do you like personal phone conversations? Do you think that a phone call will allow you to communicate more efficiently and offer a sense of validity? If so, be sure to select a player that offers phone calls.

Price and Guarantee

LifeReader loads users per minute for their sessions with readers. Readers currently have 3 different rates, which are $4.50, $5.50, and $6.50 per minute. For new customers, LifeReader offers a free four-minute chat reading with each reader offering chat readings. There are no free phone readings.

LifeReader guarantees to list only reliable, honest and professional readers on its site, and guarantees private and productive psychic Sessions.

​Psychic Screening Process

​As it should, LifeReader takes the screening process very seriously for psychics who apply to work for their network. Once a psychic applies for a job at the LifeReader, they go through various tests that include a background check and sample readings. This process makes it so that false psychics are eliminated, and only the best psychics are allowed in the LifeReader network.


  • ​All psychics must pass a check of the past and a test reading to ensure authenticity.
  • ​LifeReader offers different types of psychic readings (more than most networks).
  • ​Discount prices for first customers.​


  • ​​Only phone readings and psychic chat are available. No video reading or live e-mail.
  • LifeReader psychics are on the expensive side, with rates starting at about $ 4.50 per minute.
  • Only 69 psychic counselors to choose from.
  • It’s unclear if they offer a guarantee of satisfaction for their readings.

​LifeReader Conclusion-Final Thoughts

If you decide to use LifeReader, you can expect to pay a little more for psychic readings than other psychic networks. It’s also one of the smallest online psychic services, which means you don’t have so many psychics to choose from.

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