After researching and trying out the program, I can confidently write a LifePoints review that’s informative and unbiased. This can help you if you’re on the lookout for new paid survey programs.

I have used my own findings together with user comments and advice from the LifePoints site for this post. Keep reading to see if this is a legit money making app.

What is Lifepoints?

LifePoints is a smartphone program that pays you cash or gift cards to complete questionnaires and small tasks. The company behind LifePoints partners with marketers and researchers to collect information.

You provide this info by sharing your experiences with shopping, travel, and more. The points you earn accumulate until you money out for a reward.

They allow users to take surveys online to redeem for rewards. Many search results for LifePoints link back to the company.

These joint companies have worked for approximately 20 years to offer research and data options. The program is a recent addition to the data collection support. LifePoints is available on Google Play and the App Shop . It is absolutely free to download and use, so trying it doesn’t pose any dangers.

Before I pay the basic LifePoints details, I wish to go over the pros and cons.

The following list is based on research that includes comments from Android consumers , survey review sites, and much more. The program is still pretty new, so the reviews out there are restricted.

This is what I discovered:

Lifepoints Benefits

The program has a user-friendly layout.
There are often plenty of polls and tasks available.
There is potential to cash out within a couple of weeks of joining.
Many surveys are unique and may be fun.
Multiple users verified that they’ve received payment.
The polls take a mean of 10 minutes or less.
There are multiple ways to redeem your points.
There are unique approaches to improve earnings.
You’re automatically entered to sweepstakes if you’re screened from a survey. (This hasn’t happened to me so much, but it is a frequent criticism )
Fewer surveys can be found once the quota is met for popular ones.
Many users reported that the polls were incompatible with their phone versions.
It’s likely to be screened from a survey.
There is not a great deal of info about gains and earnings recorded on the LifePoints site.

Lifepoint Cons

Negative feedback about LifePoints was mostly based on technical issues. Together with the program crashing and freezing, users are frustrated. This may cause them to lose their progress mid-survey. However, bugs like this aren’t uncommon with newer programs. Hopefully, they have worked out as quickly as possible.

The general gist of positive feedback is that the program legitimately pays you to take polls. Moreover, the interface is user-friendly and the polls do not take a lot of time. It is well worth noting that customers report dishing out in a couple weeks of joining. This is pretty hard with many survey programs I have tried or reviewed.

How To Make Money With LifePoints

There are multiple ways to make with LifePoints. They’ve a page which lists all of your choices . Below, I’ve explained each method so it is possible to determine which ones suit you. But I want to pay a few common terms that you will need to know:

LifePoints — These are the reward points you get for completing the activities below. They can be traded for money and gift cards, which I will cover in another section.
Earning Potential — The program displays your earning potential in the form of a percentage. It’s based on things like profile completion, how often you finish tasks, and so on. The higher your percentage, the more inclined you are to make points.

Booster — A booster is a shortcut to improve your earnings. You’ll be randomly offered boosters inside the program for completing small tasks. These pop up now and again, plus they are simple to finish. Making the most of these helps you cash out quicker.
Now that you are familiar with these terms, check out the ways you can accumulate rewards:

According to LifePoints, surveys would be the most promising method for consumers to accumulate points. As I mentioned previously, these surveys are usually about market study. You’re going to be asked about your new preferences, shopping habits, and much more.

This information is then offered to the businesses which hire LifePoints to collect data.

Regrettably, there’s a possibility that you’ll get screened from polls. This is a frequent occurrence with apps like this. When you are screened from a poll, LifePoints enters you into their sweepstakes. Each year, 103 users have been picked as winners.

Earn on the go

Earn On The Go is a location-based way to make things. This earning method is available once you opt-in for their Geo-Location support. You get 50 points for choosing to flip on the Geo-Location option. You then get 20 points per month for each month that you keep it turned on.

LifePoints mentions that you also get invited to earning opportunities according to your location. You receive a 20% Booster for using this service, also. From what I’ve read, it’s comparable to Google Rewards polls which ask you about places you’ve recently visited.

It seems to be an easy and passive way to accumulate points within this app.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are very short surveys rewards you in two ways. It matches you with surveys based on your replies, so your earning capacity is increased. You get a monthly recurring Booster for doing this fast surveys, also. You can make more by performing 30 Daily Challenges in 30 days.

Your Profile

Filling out your profile will make you an unspecified number of LifePoints. You also get a Booster for filling it out, and profile completion helps match you with different polls. It’s a rather simple and fast method to rack up some extra things for cashing out.

How Much Can I Earn With LifePoints?

There is no black or white answer to how much money you may make with LifePoints. The factors for polls and tasks vary considerably. As soon as I downloaded the app, I instantly received 5 points and a 15% Booster.

Some consumer reviews mention polls that given them 50 points. I can now access two surveys worth 10 points each.

It seems like that there are two chief factors that determine just how much you earn and how fast you earn. If you apply the app daily, you’re much prone to make faster.

The second element is how many surveys are available to you. In accordance with LifePoints, being as active as you can opens the doorway to more polls and payment chances.

Because this app is fairly new, it’s hard to say how quickly you’ll have the ability to cash out. One Google Play review mentioned cashing out to get a $20 Amazon eGift card within a couple of weeks. That would necessitate earning over 150 points every day.

So, I think it’s safe to say it’ll take at least three or even weeks for the average user to earn that much. But it’s still a somewhat passive and fun way to make overall.

What LifePoints Payment Options Are Available?

The LifePoints rewards options aren’t listed on their site. Fortunately, it only took seconds to find once I downloaded the app.The points to rewards conversion vary depending on the reward you chose. I created a list of some examples below.

  • 1,080 LifePoints = $10 AT&T mobile top up
  • 1,080 LifePoints = $10 Starbucks eGift Card
  • 1,080 LifePoints = $10 Google Play Present Code
  • 1,080 LifePoints = $10 T Mobile mobile top up
  • 1,100 LifePoints = $10.00 Amazon eGift Card
  • 1,200 LifePoints = $10.00 through PayPal
  • 1,600 LifePoints = $15.00 Verizon phone top up
  • 2,200 LifePoints = $20.00 Amazon eGift Card
  • 2,400 LifePoints = $24.00 via PayPal

It would appear that the cheapest cash out option is 1,080 LifePoints. For PayPal money, the minimum is 1,200 LifePoints. Many of the options are available in increments of $10, $20, $30, and $40. Here’s a Complete list of the retailers you can get rewards for:

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Nordstrom
  • iTunes
  • GameStop
  • Google Play
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • UNICEF (you can donate your earnings into UNICEF)

How Can I Join LifePoints?

Joining LifePoints is very straightforward. The only stipulation is that you have to be 14 years of age or older. As of now, the app is only available in the United States. Here Is What You Have to do to join:

Download the Android or iPhone app.
Provide standard registration details. The info you provide is similar to pretty much any other money making program.
Now you’re all set to take polls, complete tasks, and make points.
As noted in the pros and cons, some people do experience technical problems. If this happens, you can e-mail for some aid. On the LifePoints site, there’s also a help button at the underside right-hand corner of the main page.

After downloading the program and exploring the company, I reasoned that LifePoints is 100% valid. It is not going to earn you high amounts of money quickly. It’s still in the early stages, so technical glitches are all possible. These are the primary drawbacks.

On the other hand, the app remains completely scam-free and permits you to make cash and gift cards. If you enjoy smartphone programs and don’t require instant gratification, I think you’ll like this program. Using it for a couple of minutes every day will likely net you a $10 payout over weeks.

It’s not ideal, but LifePoints is legit. I downloaded to review it, but I intend to keep using it. It is a good money maker to get in my smartphone program arsenal. Combined with other apps such as those below, it is an enjoyable and effortless way to earn in my spare time.

I hope you have found this post useful as you pursue new methods to make money from home.

Check out the whole money making programs category for endless options. From surveys to games, there are many ways to earn free gift cards, money, and more. There’s a good deal of diversity, and utilizing multiple programs at once benefits me considerably. You are guaranteed to find a few programs that suit you perfectly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Lifepoints review. If you’d like to discuss your experience working with the program, we’d really like to hear about it in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

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