Are you going through relationship problems? Dealing with a failed marriage? Can’t seem to find that special someone? For decades, people have resorted to psychic advisors for guidance on matters of the heart. Psychic predictions have helped people look forward to a marriage proposal, deal with the realities of a failed marriage, and make big decisions about a relationship.

Keen is an online psychic reading website that offers chat, phone, and video readings from consultants specializing in love and relationships (among other fields). We have asked some of them to get information about common love and relationship problems.

Jane Wilcox

Jane Wilcox is an intuitive communicator, clairvoyant and professional angel specializing in love and relationships. She provides loving advice, Angel readings and career / life guidance with a compassionate perspective sprinkled with humor.

Stunned: “I am a 47-year-old woman, childless, never married, and I am looking for a genuine man with whom I can spend my life. After weeks of talking to a man on the phone and Skyping, I agreed to meet him for coffee. We had a very nice conversation and I find it attractive. We talked about meeting again and I’m very excited! He said he’d call, but that was three hours ago, and I haven’t heard anything. Should I call him? I feel like I’m in high school again!”

Jane: “he said he would call and he will. You have a mutual interest, and this is a very delicate stage. He wants to give this situation enough space to grow without his insecurities killing any chance that it will reach its full potential. Patience, nervous. He’ll call you.”

Disappointed: “my wife and I have been married for ten years. We have two kids, and they rarely go out. My wife acts like nothing’s wrong, but she’s always too tired to do something fun: forget about having sex. She doesn’t work and she’s always busy with the kids who take them places. What happened to our life? We had those hopes and dreams together. And she used to smile the most beautiful smile. I feel like it’s all gone. I’m not a cheater, but Avon Lady seems tempting to me these days.”

Jane: “you don’t say how you’re helping her with your Almighty presence. When was the last time you offered to take one of your children for her? Do you have a date night? Can you get someone to look after the kids for you so you can plan a romantic stay? When was the last time you told her she was beautiful, or did you make her dinner, or did you bring her some margaritas – just because? You are responsible for doing your part in this relationship – and taking the slack so that you two can run the boat as a team. Sit down, make a plan. You’ll see that beautiful smile comes back when he finds out you’re participating, and you’re not just an observer.”

Psychic Gina

Gina, also known as Triple Moon Goddess, has been a psychic her entire life. She specializes in breakups, divorce, infidelity, relationships, love, and phobia commitment. She uses tools like tarot cards and is also a certified Reiki teacher.

We ask Gina: how can people attract better partners into their lives?

“Self-love! When we value ourselves in a healthy way, we do not allow the people in our lives who are the users and abusers of the world. We love each other enough that, when people are not what we need to be in a healthy relationship, we have the courage and strength to let them go, to move on to a true partner. There are people who struggle with this, think they are not good enough for a good person, we all deserve a partner who loves us and makes us his only partner.”

Clairvoyant Channa

Clairvoyant Channa also specializes in readings regarding love and relationships. After his role in the”Dionne Warwick Psychic Reading network, ” his popularity skyrocketed. Her followers can find her in Keen, where she offers clients readings related to their loving lives.

We asked Channa: How can anyone save their relationship or marriage?
“The number one ingredient that brings couples together and gets back together is shared experiences. Go places together, be very creative and don’t let your relationship runny. Going out exposes the many layers of each other’s personality and brings you closer. There’s no need to break the bank either. Get a nice picnic basket, fill it with favorite foods, a bottle of Prosecco, two glasses of champagne and a nice blanket to sit together and fall in love again. Take a short ferry trip, go to the zoo, aquariums, museums, or just go to a sweet place to buy and hold hands. Or throw a barbecue instead and sit with your love out among the beautiful spring flowers.”

How Do I Know if My Relationship Will Last?

How Do I Know if My Relationship Will Last?

Love and relationship psychic on Keen all agree on 5 warning signs that indicate a relationship could be in trouble.

  1. Secret
    A good amount of privacy is important in any relationship, but if your partner is withholding important information from you, there is likely to be a lack of trust.
  2. Lies and Deception
    Lies and deception should not exist in a healthy relationship. It shows disrespect and further underlying problems.
  3. Dependency and Control
    If there is unhealthy codependence or control dynamics, their relationship should be evaluated.
  4. Fear
    If fear is a normal part of your relationship, it could be a sign of a bigger problem.
  5. Slump
    If you feel constantly sad in the context of your relationship, it could be a sign that it’s not working.

Get Answers – Find Peace

When it comes to love, getting honest guidance from an objective source can be hard to get. Friends and family may be too close to the situation to assess, or too sensitive to their feelings.

Psychic advisors can give you the honest advice you’re looking for. With over 50 readers of love and relationship to choose from, Keen can help you navigate your relationships.

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