In a Nutshell it offers detailed horoscopes, tarot readings and inspiration channels, all designed to provide accurate and up-to-date advice when it comes to all areas of your life: your relationships, career, health, dreams and everything else. Whether you want to know what to expect today, this month or even next year, this site has it covered.


  • Detailed information for all zodiac signs and personality traits
  • Multiple applications make it easy to check horoscopes on the fly
  • 3 minutes free at first reading


  • No internal live psychic readings.
  • The search function is somewhat limited is He Trustworthy?

In the search for an online psychic, one of the main concerns is reliability. There is No denying the existence of bad actors and frauds, which cast a dubious shadow over the countryside and its most legitimate practitioners. So how do you separate the 2? How can you tell a legitimate psychic of someone who just came out for his money?

The short answer is that you can’t. psychic readings are by nature mysterious, personal, and not quantifiable. However, there are some fairly reliable criteria that, when applied to a psychic or psychic website, can eliminate questionable practices or highlight signs of a transparent, honest business. That’s how it looks under scrutiny.:

Detection Process?

Yes. it does not have its own internal live psychic readers, but has partnered with Keen to make this service available to all visitors and users. All psychics on the site have visible valuations of customer users and feedback to help you select the right psychic to meet your needs.

Psychic Bios?

Yes. Sharing a platform with Keen means that it benefits from its professional design and visibility. Each psychic has his own page with a photo, self-written description, and a list of specialties.

User Reviews?

Yes. Visitors can read thousands of comments in each psychic’s biography to get an idea of each other’s experiences and make a decision if they are the right psychic for them.

Community Resources?

Yes. The website of it is a true Encyclopedia of articles, games, guides and general information on all esoteric matters.

100% Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. Psychic reading page of the horoscope announces a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

VERDICT: TRUST it meets all our criteria for a psychic website can be trusted. Psychics themselves are visible and provide personal information about their background and experiences, and are accompanied by customer feedback that allows them to see how other visitors felt about their readings. Add to that the extensive unbranded reading materials and guides and a guarantee of satisfaction and you get a site that is behind your psychics and does everything possible to keep your clients informed and happy with their readings.

A Final Note on Reliability

Given the nature of psychic readings, it is impossible to determine with absolute certainty the legitimacy of a practitioner. In addition, there are factors that can influence the success or failure of a reading that may have nothing to do with the legitimacy of the psychic. For that reason, be sure to choose a psychic who specializes in your field of research, and communicate your questions and objectives clearly. Nothing’s black and white when it comes to psychic readings, hey, that’s part of the fun, right?- but judging psychics online by certain criteria can drastically increase your chances of finding one that’s in it for the right reasons.

Prices and Special Offers

There is a lot of free content on the site that can be accessed by members and non-members alike. To access premium content, you must subscribe to The Fan club of a psychic who has uploaded premium content. The cost options are set by the psychic and you will pay:

  • 0.99 credits / 2 weeks
  • 4.99 credits / 2 weeks
  • 9.99 credits / 2 weeks
  • 14.99 credits / 2 weeks
  • When you register today, you will get 9.99 free credits.
  • Last Updated: October 2019

Types of Psychics and Services


There are a number of psychic categories to choose from depending on the type of reading you want. This includes love and relationships, tarot, palm reading, and rituals and energies.

There are currently free chat options offered with psychics who are online and available, but you do need to sign up to use this feature. To obtain in-depth personal readings and to access premium content, you must subscribe to a psychic fan club and pay a subscription fee.


When you land on the home page, you can select your zodiac sign, and then you will be taken to your horoscope page. Here you can find Horoscopes For Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, weekly, monthly and annual.

There is more information related to your Sun sign, love, Race, money, Health, Chinese, tarot and planets for your sign.

Every day, you will also be presented with your games related to love, friendship, and career, and your card for the day.

There is also a detailed page for each sign of the Zodiac where you can learn more about its key features, personality, strengths, and challenges.


The site offers a range of automated tarot readings including daily Love, Love potential, tarot angel, and a Tarot Forecast for the coming days and weeks. It is important to keep in mind that, along with the horoscope readings, these are completely automated, so they may not be completely accurate all the time.

Application it has 4 applications of astrology:

  • Horoscope and tarot
  • Yes or no tarot
  • Horoscopes for Facebook
  • Horoscopes by (an Associated site)

These applications provide information about love, career, money and health for the 12 signs of the zodiac. The main application for (horoscope and tarot) has daily, weekly, monthly and annual horoscopes, as well as daily matches and star ratings, free games and the option to purchase premium custom tarot readings.

What Makes It Unique it has very detailed information and descriptions of the 12 signs of the zodiac, rather than simply providing horoscopes. This is a great basis for novices to learn more about their signs and personality traits, and what to expect from horoscope readings.

The site also offers many articles based on astrology and horoscopes, which are organized into 5 categories: spirit, style, success, sun and sex. Users can select the category they want to explore further, and find a large catalogue of poignant teachings and tools that they can learn and implement.

Customer Service

Customer Service you have a contact form available on the site, but do not list any details about when you can expect to receive a response from them.

Customers who need support regarding psychic readings purchased through Keen can find answers to most questions in the Keen knowledge base or on the blog. You can use the online customer service form to submit a query, or call customer service during regular business hours (Pacific time) at 1-877-533-6435. If you wish to request a refund for a psychic reading, complete a refund request on a special online form that can be found on Keen’s website.

Finding it is a fantastic site to use for detailed and free daily, weekly and monthly readings of the horoscope and tarot related to all aspects of your life. However, if you specifically want a live and personal psychic reading, it might be better to go directly to one of the most valued psychic reading sites instead.

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