“To Anticipate, to be inspired by a god”

This is a literal interpretation of the phrase “divination” in the Latin “divinare”.

Different kinds of fortune-telling, divination procedures and oracles for predicting the future have existed since ancient times.

Assessing these techniques will greatly help you to acquire insight into regular troubles or queries that interest you and offer an important relation to the divine in you.

Regardless of being labeled as witchcraft or black magic by various religions throughout history, a lot of oracles along with many card readings along have been preserved until nowadays, and perhaps even new ones are even more developed.

Today fortune-telling is very trendy, because of the many free online instant readings and the huge field of opportunities that computers provide. Digital divination methods are just as powerful as conventional techniques and can tremendously help you find your inner peace and meditate on what’s really important in life.

The different kinds of fortune tellings and readings aren’t used only for predicting the long run, their true aim is to help you in understanding yourself. Through the power of your own intuition as well as the advice that instant virtual oracles give, you are able to draw significant conclusions about regular issues and scenarios, thus assisting you to discover what is ahead on your path and reply to your dearest questions.

List of Famous Fortune Tellers (Did Your Favorite Make the Cut?)

Our site reviews a wide variety of different free online fortune tellings, oracles and card readings which aim to give you instant insight and answer questions regarding your various life circumstances. We have gathered some of the best, most popular and universally accepted divination methods, as well as some basic games.

Some are extremely ancient and extend a lot of wisdom, while others you can use just for your own entertainment. Whatever you’re seeking, you’ve found a place that will bring a little magic into your life.

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