“Canned Messages Are So Blatant That They Are Eye-worthy.”

This is the type of information you will find online about ‘Extraordinary Chris’! If you take a look at the full responsible review of the above quote, You will find that Chris’s personal free readings are the same for everyone. We have linked the end of this review. Comments on that review confirm that the same reading is sent to everyone and confirm that Chris actually sends canned answers.

We’re not starting on good ground with Chris, that’s for sure. But we expected this. Eventually you start to develop a nose for good psychics and bad ones. Chris is bad. Or at least the marketing machine linked to the website associated with Extraordinary Chris is.

So if you’re looking for a real psychic, this is not the place to go. We cover the reasons why in more detail below. But for those who have already seen enough, here is a link to a genuine, highly rated psychic provider that we cannot fail!

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Who is Chris Extraordinary?

The only thing we can tell him about Extraordinary Chris and his psychic ability is what he’s written on his website. In other words, what he wants you to know.

Apparently, Extraordinary Chris is charismatic, gentle, provides much strength to others and is well practiced in his fields of Hypno-telepathy and divination. Chris has 30 years of experience as a psychic and claims not to prosper financially from his work, but to return others or his research.

Sounds like a good guy, doesn’t it? But we have a couple of questions:

  1. If Chris doesn’t benefit financially, why does he have a very organized and well-written marketing system with his name and face all over it?
  2. If he’s so well-known, why don’t people mention him from time to time on the news or other media?

New Lotus Web Own And Run The Web Site Extraordinary Chris

The answer is because ‘Extraordinary Chris ‘or New Lotus Web Ltd, the company behind the marketing system called’ Extraordinary Chris’, makes money with these false’ readings’.

As for Extraordinary Chris, Well, there’s a man who looks exactly like the person on the images from the Psychic Chris website who doesn’t speak English, and who is known as ‘Extraordinary Chris’. He also seems to be at least involved in hypnosis.

However, his clothes and videos appear to be very outdated, leading us to assume that the original ‘Extraordinary Chris’ (the person whose image is on the Extraordinary Chris website) has sold his brand or died. So, somehow, a company called New Lotus Media won the rights to use its name and image. Or Chris has created a marketing system for himself that is now owned by New Lotus Media.

Very Misleading

In other words, there is a person who exists or who has existed called extraordinary Chris who seems to have some hypnosis abilities. But we don’t know if he’s still involved with the site; we doubt very much that he is. And we don’t know if he was ever involved.

We couldn’t find any evidence that Chris is psychic. So, if you’re not sure you’re getting a reading from a bona fide psychic, how can you be sure the reading is true?

The answer is that you can’t, which makes psychic or tarot reading useless.

What Services Provides Extraordinary Chris?

Chris ‘ services are mainly email readings, which you can book and pay directly from your website. Or you can enjoy a free reading. Well, that’s what it says on Chris ‘ website. However, it seems that you can only get a free read If you find a link to it. Apparently, Chris adds the link to his website when he is sitting in the office ready to take further readings.

We have checked the website and checked regularly (as advised by Chris), but the link has never appeared. It’s leading us to believe that it’s possible that the link is permanently broken or that the editor is there to put it in the mindset of wanting a reading from Chris.

And when you’re in that mindset, then you’ll probably take advantage of Chris’s reading offers for just £ 5.

But there is a problem with this…

How Chris will Test

Aside from the fact that we’ve already determined that Chris sends canned answers and the readings will be false, there’s probably a reason Chris charges such a small amount for a reading. |In addition, why sow the seeds of having a reading through mentioning a free reading for you.

Well, it’s because he qualified you. Qualifying it is a Test form to see how sensitive it could be to Chris ‘ marketing efforts so far. If you pay for a reading, Chris knows that it is highly suggestible (which is a hypnotic term) and that he is willing to take out his credit or debit card to pay for a reading of it.

The Perfect Victim

Which means you’re the perfect victim. Whoever’s behind Chris ‘ website now knows there’s a high chance he’ll pay for another reading. And not only that, but also that you will respond well to hypnotic suggestions. Through email, Chris will now use this information to suggest problems, invoke false hopes or fear, and also to attract trust so that he can become his confidant in times of need.

The interesting thing will be, however, is that you will have more moments of need after connecting with Chris than ever before!

How Do We Rate Chris ‘ Extraordinary Readings?

We’ve seen enough evidence to know that Chris’s readings are false. They’re also canned readings. So we don’t qualify them at all!

However, hypnosis levels on this website are a master class. It is unfortunate that website owners are using hypnosis in a deceptive and unethical way.

You won’t get a real reading here. You’ll be much better off approaching a reputable psychic provider as a psychic source.

Is Genuine Chris Extraordinary?

It’s possible that Extraordinary Chris may have once been a real psychic. We say this because we have witnessed very old-fashioned news reports and interviews that seem to include the man in the image on YouTube.

But we also know that psychic readings are unreliable. We’ve seen a lot of these automated marketing strategies operating that promote false psychic readings.

Chris’s website is also very outdated, as are the photographs on the site. They definitely seem to be taken with old photo equipment. Chris seems to have entered 2019 since the 1960s! We don’t know why Chris’s picture looks old-fashioned, but it’s possible he’s not living anymore. And at some point in his life, he created this marketing system to sell, or someone created it on his behalf.

While Chris may well have been potentially legitimate as someone with some psychic abilities, the readings you will receive will not be.

A Marketing System That Works – at Least for People Who Make Money

We are assuming that it is because this ‘marketing system’ was created a long time ago and it is simply still a money blender, or images and style have been deliberately used because they make money. And if a system is making money, and there is no desire in ‘Chris’ or part of New Lotus Web to keep its image updated, why would they change it?

How Does Chris ‘ Extraordinary Service Compare With the Psychic Source?

Web Site Navigation

Navigation in Psychic Source is immaculate. The site is modern and has been built to meet all your needs as a customer. Psychic Source is a very ethical company, and make sure you feel considered even through your web browsing experience.

While, browsing the Extraordinary Chris website is clumsy and self-indulgent. It serves only for the purposes of the company behind Extraordinary Chris, which is making money. The editor, buttons, and pages are designed with one thing in mind – to get to click on the bait (and buy a cheap but false psychic reading).

Both sites from start to finish are separated when it comes to navigation … and almost everything else for the case!

The Quality of Psychic Readings

We have already explained in detail how and why Extraordinary Chris ‘ readings are false and canned. Therefore, they are of poor quality, to say the least. Psychic Source hosts a variety of Psychic Readers, all of whom have been recruited and verified by Psychic Source. Psychic Source also supervises psychics who work for them while working to ensure that their strict ethical policies are carried out.

You can find a variety of different psychic readings in psychic source, and also check out the real-time reviews. These factors mean that you will see all the information you may need, or that you can prove to help you choose a great psychic. Finally, all psychic readings are live, which means you can talk to your psychic in person in real time.

Choice of Services

We recognize that with any independent psychic, it only has a limited selection of reading styles. This is because most psychics only dominate some psychic disciplines. So, with Chris, you only get the automated psychic readings we’ve already mentioned, which is understandable.

While with psychic source, you will have access to tarot card readings, astrology reports, rune readings and media readings. The only type of readings Psychic Source does not offer tend to be spells and some forms of divination.


Chris has a strange pricing policy. He charges $ 5 for the first reading, $ 9 for the second and then $ 60 for the third. According to Chris ‘ website, you get more information about expensive reading. But, of course, it does not mention that they are automated and false readings.

Psychic source is clear about their prices; each psychic chooses the price they want to charge and rates can vary from $ 4 per minute up. Although if you’re a new customer, enjoy your first reading for $ 1 a minute.

Service Guarantees

There is no money back guarantee or any other service guarantee with Chris. But you get a full satisfaction guarantee from Psychic Source!

Quality of Comments

Chris ‘ testimony could easily have been placed there by whoever’s sending false readings! There’s No way we can assume they’re genuine. While real-time reviews available in psychic source, allow you to see the good, the bad, and the ugly so that you can decide which psychic looks good according to your own standards.

The Psychic Verification Process

We can’t verify Chris positively, because all we have is evidence of false psychic readings and potentially false testimony that can’t be confirmed in any way. Chris does nothing to prove himself using external sources at all, which means he’s not verified.

Psychic source does everything possible to explain how his psychics verify. They make sure they only have the best psychics and maintain the rules by tracking them too, which gives you the reassurance that your money is well spent if you use them.

This is also an example of how an excellent psychic provider works, as you see Chris extraordinary work ethic and the rules are poles apart from the best psychic providers, and you don’t pay more money to use the best service!

What Problems Have We Encountered With Chris Extraordinary?

The Canned Readings

Canned readings are a big “no, no” when it comes to psychic readings. Will not be accurate at all because they are prescribed. They’re definitely not personal! A psychic reading is pretty useless if it’s not real. It just becomes a fictional story, which is probably not what you’re looking for.

Excessive use of Hypnotic Language

Hypnotic language is excellent when used forever, to help someone overcome a personal problem. But it is often used for wrong or selfish reasons when people or companies use it commercially. And the use of hypnotic language on the Extraordinary Chris website is strong. The reason for this is only to manipulate the delivery of your cash for a false psychic reading.

Psychological Manipulation

Like many other psychic scam sites, the techniques of psychological manipulation you may experience are as follows. False hope, fear of getting lost and obstacles that Chris will make you think you need to cross to reach a target (which usually includes a reading or psychic service from the site host or one of his “colleagues”). It is known that some scammers invoke fear and also guilt to get rid of their money.

What Advantages Have We Found for You With Chris Extraordinary?

None!!! Except for a master class in manipulative and hypnotic language.

Do We Recommend Chris Extraordinary?

Not at all, this is a known scam. You’ll do well to avoid it!

Extraordinary Chris May Have a Friendly Atmosphere, but He’s Really a Demon! It’s All a Scam!

Extraordinary Chris is not a reliable psychic provider. At least the web site linked to Extraordinary Chris does not provide genuine readings. Don’t be fooled. Instead, we recommend you take a look at a legitimate, high-grade psychic if you’re looking for a psychic reading right now.

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