The healing powers of the crystals of therapy are due by the vibrational energy in them. Everything in nature has vibration, and the right crystal can rebalance our energy. Meline Lafont will help you choose the most suitable stones for you and give you insights on how they work.

How To Choose The Best Crystal or Stone

Energy Stones & Crystals

If the stones attract you, you will probably already collect a few, perhaps not knowing why. In jargon they say that the stones “call us”, that is, they have a special attraction on us, the result of the resonance of the energy that we have with them.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to find a stone that “calls you”, you can always enter a beautiful crystal shop and find one that you really like.

The best way is not to dwell on appearance, namely before evaluating purity, perfection, commercial value, etc., Maybe it’s worth just letting go of yourself by searching… the second half, that is a mineral that really inspires you to like. This is the right Crystal!

However, some “technical” directions can certainly be useful, especially if you are a beginner who is approaching the world of stones for the first time. Here are some of them.

One important thing is to choose crystals that have not been artificially colored, so exclude those that have “fake” or “psychedelic” colors: fuchsia burns, bright green compact, electric blue, lemon yellow like neon….. There are some crystals with special colors, but they differ in natural air, inclusions (i.e. traces of other minerals), etc.

Spotting Fake Moldavites

real and authentic moldavite crystals from
Real Moldavite Crystals from

The are many fake Moldavite crystals going around. It is important to learn how to spot a real vs. fake Moldavite. The website BuyMoldavite teaches how to spot fake Moldavites properly and where to buy the real ones.

So if you don’t have a sufficiently experienced dealer, You can rely on this General principle. First of all, remember that the ends of transparent quartz (rock crystal, also called quartz jalino) can only be white or dark (various shades from honey yellow to brown, transparent), all other flashy colors (pink, light yellow, blue, etc.) are artificial.

Some prefer “raw” crystals, that is, natural, not processed or minimally smoothed, but even those that “fell”, that is, rounded, smooth shapes, can be useful for your first experiments.

So don’t forget: it’s important to choose them by their recall, that is, to buy those from which you feel that there is some attraction, so you know that you have found crystals that have good harmony with you, and that they can be useful in exercises. If you chose them, it is because your energy desired them. Trust your gut (intuition)!

Once you’re home, you’ll have to devote yourself to “preparing” the crystal.

It is important to remember that after each use (and before its first use) it has to be cleaned and rebooted as it absorbs low vibration energy with great ease and it is better if when it is to work it appears in a situation of maximum balance.

To clean the crystal, you can choose a variety of methods, the simplest:

Immerse it for a few hours in a bowl of water into which you add a handful of whole sea salt, or soak it for a few hours in a bowl of water into which you add 3-4 drops of “Amuchina”, or soak it for a few hours in a bowl of water into which you add 2 drops of rescue Remedy (Bach flower).

After treatment, the Crystal will be ready to start the exercise.

Now even official science claims that living beings spend their existence immersed in the ocean of frequencies and vibrations from which they are a part. Thus, each element of the Universe is connected with all the others.

Every intention, thinking, subconscious belief creates a force field that changes the structure and interaction of the waves and particles that make up reality. Not always, however, we process bright thoughts, positive intentions, etc., in fact, sometimes we pursue conflicting emotions, resentment, frustration, nervousness, stress, etc.: In these cases, the waves we emit are far from harmonious.

In addition, we are faced with moments of blocking energy or emotions, disharmony, lack of energy well, all the energies that vibrate with a little “balance” are low-frequency energies that don’t suit us, but in fact, if they are too drawn out over time, they can cause serious damage to our subtle fields (Meridians, chakras, aura,etc.), and sometimes falls into a physical signal, which we call ‘ symptom’.

In this case, the crystal works as a tuner instrument. Tuner performs a very delicate work that requires concentration, attention, inner silence. It comes across a “forgotten” instrument (we think of a piano or guitar when they need to be tuned, they produce graceful sounds!) but gradually, note by note, then return all sounds to their correct frequency.

This is a brief work that plays Crystal at our various energy levels. Of course, this is a gradual and long-term work, but always effective.

However, here, precisely because we are talking about energy levels’, the mechanism is a little different, as well as crystals, in order to return the energy to the desired level, must act in exchange vibrational: that is, in order for our ‘chords in harmony it must give way to their harmonic frequencies at the equilibrium point, but in step absorbs cacophony. It’s a bit simplistic explanation, but it makes this idea.

That’s why, after use, we have to ensure the crystal is cleaned and recharged, so let it be back in full charge next time!

The crystals change, and they change with us.

You will never be the same after working with crystal energy. Their action is so subtle and purposeful that they always make changes.

Sometimes we don’t notice, but we modify our behavior, transform our opinions, look for new things getting started with stones changes us forever.

Crystals also change due to work: often there are new shadows or splits, small projections or other minor changes in appearance, and this is not uncommon, but very often.  Somehow, the mineral continues to grow, exposed to various energy waves. So, there are changes and turns into each other, for this I always respect very much those stones with which I work: they give me a lot, and I do not want to be less. Sometimes it happens that the mineral will “die”, that is, it is hopelessly destroyed after working on the energy problem; in this case, don’t throw it in the trash, but bury it in the garden or throw it in the stream (or in the sea, there isn’t much of a tourist area on the shelf where the seabed is still acceptable). It will be a way to bring him back to the earth that gave birth to him and thank him for not getting rid of the energy we need.

Crystals and “stones” in general can also help us work on our beliefs (beliefs, subconscious) limitations: by putting a firm intention to solve our disharmonies, and working to achieve this transformation, stones will help in finding a way to balance the situation. Be mindful though, because there are lots of fake stones that are being sold online – when buying moldavites, be sure to check its legitimacy so you’d be able to buy a legit and real moldavite.

Be careful though: crystals have a very strong ability to focus our deep intentions, so there is no need to wear masks with them: what we will be enhanced and light despite all attempts to suppress the behavior. Thus, it is advisable to look for as much as possible to be yourself, or we will definitely be exposed!

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