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Psychic connections is an online psychic community for Spanish speakers that provides a convenient and affordable channel to get the psychic readings you’ve always wanted. With psychics bringing more than 40 years of experience to the table, an easy-to-use format, and a fabulous mobile app, psychic connections is really one of the best online psychic services there are today.


  • Easy mobile application with one click
  • Services psychics 24/7
  • Psychic readings available in English and Spanish


  • No live chat or phone support
  • Not as many psychics on the net as some competitors.

Top Rated Psychic Connections Psychic

All readers within the network of psychic connections are gifted, but some psychics stand out above the rest. Check out some of these talented psychics who work on psychic connections right now.:

Psychic Name: Paula

Specialties: Inspire your soul and strengthen your faith

Tools: Various cards

Read Style: Simple

Testimonial: “INCREDIBLE! She knew things no one can know. She’s the real deal! Thank you Paula for all your help.” Elizabeth, Feb 2018

Psychic name: Geronimo

Specialties: Presents answers already within you

Tools: Tarot, other cards, sentences

Style of Reading: Inspiring

Testimony: “I was amazed he told me so many things that he did not know and, without telling him anything.- Haidee, November 2018

Psychic Name: Dove

Specialties: Raising people as they find their way through life

Tools: Tarot, cards, numerology, astrology

Style of Reading: Inspiring

Testimony: “Excellent reading. Paloma, thank you so much for your help!” – Melania F – Jan, 2019

Psychic Detection Process

Psychic connections are unclear about their selection process. However, all psychics working through this site must have a level of reading experience. You can sift through psychics yourself if you prefer to be more selective because psychic connections have deep psychic profiles. These profiles provide you with a lot of information about each reader, so you can get to know them before you even pick up a phone. Learn how many years this psychic has been practicing, what his specialties are, what tools they will use during a session, and what basic topics a psychic works with (for example, love, Past Lives, career options).

Psychic Detection Process

The profile also has a brief biography about the seer so he can really get to know his personality and decide if it’s a good fit. You can also read the testimonials of actual users left by previous customers to get an idea of the precise, professional, compassionate, and success of a reader is.

In addition to the initial selection process, psychic connections constantly evaluate and qualify their psychics for their quality and accuracy. You can see which visionaries are the most successful and trusted by the small VIP or MV badges shown on the profile pages. These badges are awarded by Mario Vannucci, winner of the prestigious Gold Tacarigua Award to the international astrologer of the year. The badges are given for quality readings and customer satisfaction.

Types of Psychics and Services

Psychic connections offers a wide range of psychic services in Spanish that really cover the spectrum of supernatural readings. Psychics on the site have their own specialties, but many will be able to help you with multiple types, including:

  • Tarot card readings
  • Other types of card readings
  • Astrology readings
  • Numerology readings
  • Crystal readings
  • Readings of runes and stones
  • Prayer sessions
  • Pendulum Sessions
  • Snails
  • Café borovnillas
  • Tea leaf readings

In terms of areas of life with which you can get help through an online psychic reading of psychic connections, the sky is really the limit. We were impressed with the scope of services available through this website, with psychics covering all important bases such as Love, Marriage, and relationships, money or financial assistance, and career options. Readers of psychic connections may even give you an idea of more complex problems you might have with the greyer areas of life such as Destiny Decisions, open blocked paths, deepen past lives and communicate with deceased loved ones.

Prices and Special Offers

All psychics in psychic connections can choose their own rates, so the prices will vary from one reader to another. In general, when working with psychic connections, the more experienced a psychic is, the more expensive his rates will be. This is because your time is more sought after, so you need (and can afford) to keep your clientele more selective. So, if you see a psychic with higher prices, realize he’s getting a highly professional reader for the price.

If you don’t have the budget for expensive readers, that’s fine. Psychic connections has a lot of skilled and talented seers who charge only$.99 a minute. Not only is that very reasonable by industry standards, it is affordable enough for most people to manage it. Therefore, if you have budget awareness, have your questions ready and simply opt for one of the cheapest options.

What is Unique Psychic Connections?

What is Unique Psychic Connections?

Psychic connections is a great service, but there are a lot of psychics online. This is what makes this online service stand out:

Language options

On the one hand, this online psychic service is available in English and Spanish. UU., Canada and Latin America in both languages, psychic connections can offer convenient online psychic services to a greater variety of people who may need help rather than limiting these important services to a single language group. Helping more people is a big advantage in our books.

Excellent classification system

In addition, psychic connections help you to see which readers are the most immediately qualified with in-depth psychic profiles and rating badges.

What Users Say About Psychic Connections

“Excellent reading. You transmitted peace and were able to help me solve my problems. I felt your angels in my house. God bless Luciana!” – Martha M march, 2019

“A very encouraging person, gave me goose bumps in my skin with the answers he gave me, also gave me back my faith and made me feel powerful and with a lot of encouragement, I strongly recommend it.” – Marigel B march, 2019

“Wow, wow! I was super surprised and very satisfied with everything my psychic told me. I felt super connected to her, everything she said is true, and I’m super happy to work with her. She’s the best of the best!” – Celena S Feb, 2019

“Esther is wonderful and a person’s heaven! She has told me with clarity and certainty what I needed to know! Recommended 100% by me, I loved your predictions and your excellent work!!!”- Mayra Q Nov, 2018

Customer Service

A disadvantage of psychic connections is the lack of customer service options. There is no live chat or even a phone line you can use to contact the company. If you have questions, problems or concerns, you can use the online contact form to send a message to a customer service representative. The customer service representatives of psychic connections are kind and courteous. In addition, it is guaranteed that someone will contact you within 24 hours, a fairly good response time for this industry.


If you’re looking for a quality experience with online psychics, psychic connections is an excellent address. Psychics are professional and provide accurate readings, are available 24/7 to be there whenever you need to arrive, and the mobile app makes it easy to get in touch. Friendly customer service only adds cherry to the entire experience of psychic connections.

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