Can babies see spirits? Uncomfortable mothers ask us a lot about this that they notice their babies looking, delighted, at nothing.

Sometimes, parents are scared about this, because they can’t see anything there. This leads them to wonder if something is wrong with their precious package of joy.

So can babies see spirits?

The answer is a resounding yes! But you knew that deep down, didn’t you? 🙂

So instead, let’s talk about why spirits see … and how can you tell if your baby is seeing the spirits!

Why Babies Can See Spirits?

Babies can see spirits because they have recently come from the spirit … the loving, non-physical energy from which we all originate. (Some call this God or Source energy.)

So, you remember and recognize this loving energy. In addition, they are still open to the energy around them.

In other words, babies have not been taught to:

  • ignore your intuition
  • only in logic alone

And this is what is great…

Babies aren’t afraid of spirits.

That’s because they understand that spirits are loving and kind … have not seen the Hollywood version of the spirits of fear. (Thank God!)

To clarify, babies can see spirits because they are still energetically open to it.

Can see spirits of their:

  • ancestor
  • Spirit guides
  • angel

It’s beautiful and magical!

How Are Babies Still Connected to Spirits?

All living beings have a soul and come from the energy of the source / God.

Before babies are born, they’re very connected to Source. In addition, their souls move back and forth from the womb to the source.

His spirit exists in a kind of intermediate realm between his mother’s body and the spirit world. In fact, some believe it’s not until the baby is born and takes his first breath that his soul connects to his body.

Babies can see spirits because the veil between the source and the earthly kingdom is still thin when they are born.

That means it’s easy for them to feel and see the loving spirits who come to visit them … welcoming them to their new life.

Signs Your Baby is Seeing Spirits

For now you’re wondering, how do I know if my baby sees spirits?

Well, there are some easy ways to know that your little one is seeing spirits, including:

  • The baby often looks in a particular area of a room
  • They’re laughing or smiling at something
  • The baby laughs and talks (shrieking) when he is alone in his crib

Why Would the Spirits Appear to My Baby?

Why Would the Spirits Appear to My Baby?

The best question is, ” why not?”

Spirits visit people often. And spirits visit babies for the same reasons they visit adults.:

  • They have a message from the other side … or details to share with the baby about his new life.
  • Babies can also see spirits when they are sick or distressed (as the spirit comes to comfort them).
  • The spirits can come and see how the baby is “settling” in his new life.
  • As they visit during other events (such as weddings and graduations), spirits also come to visit the baby and celebrate his new life. They also answer soul-level questions. Pretty good, huh?

What Should I Do if My Baby is Seeing Spirit?


That’s the best you can do, because there’s nothing you have to do. 🙂 Babies can see spirits, and that’s a good thing!

For the baby, this is normal as they are comfortable and familiar with spirits.

After all, they’re laughing, talking, smiling, not crying or screaming. Take comfort in this.


Having a baby is a great opportunity to re-connect with your intuition! (You’ve heard of” Mother’s intuition, ” right?)

And when nature makes a mother’s intuition active, it also makes you more aware of the energy around you.

In fact, you may have noticed this new “opening” before birth.

For example, you may have felt the presence of a deceased loved one during childbirth. (No, that wasn’t your imagination!)

So, if you’ve ever wanted to communicate with your spiritual guides, ancestors, or guardian angels, now is the perfect opportunity!

And remember, you are a clear channel of spirit, for your body housed this beautiful soul and brought it into being.


Continue to learn how to connect and use your intuition.

To connect with your Higher Self you can:

  • Read inspiring books
  • Meditate (learn to meditate here)
  • Daily (here are 21 daily indications and ideas)
  • Spend time in nature

Take the time to develop your intuitive gifts so you can encourage your child as it grows!

My psychic abilities and mediumship flourished after my daughter was born. Here are some articles that will help you understand your intuition:


As your child grows up, encourage him or her to trust his or her gut feelings.

Yes, babies can see spirits, but children can remain open to this loving Kingdom, too!

If you talk to you about your visits or conversations with ancestors or angels, ask them questions and listen with love. No responses to fear.

You can help them trust their instincts and appreciate and their intuitive gifts!

So can babies see spirits? You bet!

The loving and trusting energy of a baby is a magnet for the spirit world to come and visit the House.

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