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BitWine, an online psychic network that has existed since 2006, is the destination for anyone seeking information on the main areas of their lives. With over 3,000 professional psychics, BitWine offers spiritual training and supernatural orientation through a private chat room that allows you to ask all the questions you need. Does BitWine have the right psychic connections for you? Let’s dig a little deeper to find that.


  • More than 3,000 professional psychics on the net
  • The greatest variety of tools and specialties
  • Constantly running special offers for discounted sessions


  • No live chat support option
  • The site is a bit outdated

The Best Psychic of BitWine

While there are thousands of qualified psychics working on the BitWine network, here are 3 of the best you can talk to right now.:

Psychic Name: Clairvoyant Sofi

Specialties: Loving orientation (relationships, marriage, love))

Tools: Crystals, colors (auras), spirituality, tarot cards, crystal balls

Style of Reading: Clarity, truth

Testimony: “Very glad to have spoken to Sofi today. She relieved me so much because I can trust her readings. I feel a lot of gratitude every time I talk to her. She is a very convincing psychic with control both in the panorama and in the detail.”- Heaven Day March, 2019

Psychic Name: Lookout Mountain Medium aka Angela

Specialties: Clairsentient, clairaudient, canal, reiki, clinical herbalist, yoga teacher, spiritual advisor

Tools: Tarot Cards, pendulums, ruins

Style of Reading: long, deep, truthful

Testimony: “I had a problem with a co-worker and had written an email today to the co-worker, but I didn’t send it because I wasn’t sure if I should. In my reading Angela said some phrases that were almost literally what she had written in that draft. Either she has computer hackware and reads My e-mail draft or she picked up the situation and the dynamics! In addition, she picked up what she was feeling (and why she hadn’t sent the email) that the person couldn’t see my point even with the email and needed to keep my distance. Angela is great:) ” – Lea24 March, 2019

Psychic Name: Marcello

Specialties: Love, friendship, racing, and lost and found

Tools: Tarot cards, Druid art cards, astrological Oracle, hazelnut cards, sibilles, Christian prayer cover, Egyptian tarot, pendulum, stones, crystals, energy channeling, candles

Read Style: Simple and careful

Testimony: “Marcello is my going to in all situations… I’m not looking for any other place for anyone else to compare. He is very precise and attuned and has always had my best interest” – Nikita87 March, 2019

Psychic Detection Process

Psychic Detection Process

Once you start browsing the BitWine website, you will notice something obvious: there are a lot of advisors! This is a benefit for anyone who is looking to test the waters or find the right reading style for them.

In terms of quality, BitWine has one of the largest networks of professional psychics around. Each consultant must provide his / her legal name, address and telephone number. So from the beginning, there’s a lot of built-in responsibility. BitWine also requires consultants to create an advisory profile that includes a profile video and information describing themselves. The video and the photo are another way for BitWine to verify the identities of the advisors. However, it is a fairly complete process and much more than most online psychic networks require from their advisors.

Types of Psychics and Services

One of the first things you’ll notice about BitWine is the vastness of your offers. Of course, with 3,000 + psychics, it’s no wonder you can find almost any kind of psychic service and imaginable style of reading. Some of the options available to you through the BitWine network include:

  • Astrology
  • Love guide
  • Meditation
  • New Era
  • Parapsychology
  • Psychic medium and healing
  • Reiki
  • Coaching spiritual
  • Spiritualism
  • Tarot card reading
  • Occult
  • Interpretation of dreams
  • Divination
  • Palm reading
  • Angel reading
  • Spell
  • Iching
  • Clairvoyant
  • Spirit mind body
  • Parapsychology
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairdesent
  • Druid art card reading
  • Hazel card reading
  • Sibille
  • Christian reading of the prayer cover
  • Card reading tarot egyptian
  • Pendulums
  • Stone
  • Crystal
  • Energy channelling
  • Candles

And more! Browse through the consultants or use the search function if you have a specific specialty, question or tool you want to use.

Prices and Special Offers

For starters, when you register for the first time to get an account with BitWine, you are automatically entitled to a free 3-minute session with any counselor you want. After that, you can choose to continue the conversation with the same advisor, or end the session and start a new one. Either way, after the initial 3 minutes, you’ll have to start paying.

How much is paid for a BitWine session is entirely up to you and the psychic you choose. Some consultants charge $.99 per minute, while others will ask for more than $ 5 / minute. This is not as much as on other sites, but what really shows its true value is the constant stream of offers that BitWine readers run. You can always find great deals on the site, so you never end up paying the full price, so it’s the highest value for your money anywhere.

What is Unique BitWine?

What is Unique BitWine?

BitWine is a great psychic option online for a lot of reasons. But this is what really distinguishes this service from the rest:

Tremendous Network

BitWine has possibly the largest network of psychics online today. Not only is it impressive because of the sheer numbers, but the BitWine tout psychics an amazing number of abilities, like this. When reviewing profiles, you will see an incredible variety of tools, skills and specialties. It is enough to make any seer blush, and more than enough to satisfy the desires of any seeker.

Psychic Forum

Another thing that distinguishes BitWine from other sites in this sector is the psychic forum. The Ask-a-Psychic forum is an online community group page that allows you to ask any questions you want and get answers from one or more competent psychics almost instantly. Of course, if you are asking deep or personal questions, you are mostly going to be referred to a private session in which the psychic can give you a proper reading and answer your questions. However, if you have more general questions, this is an easy way to get a quick answer from a professional. Considering the fact that most psychic networks have nothing of this kind, the Ask-a-Psychic forum is really a great feature that puts BitWine ahead of the game.

What is also good about this community forum is that it offers users the opportunity to listen to the tone and mannerism of a psychic before booking a session. That means you can get to know if this is the most suitable for you without having to spend any money at all. Naturally, you will have to sit with a psychic sometimes to see if 2 Click, but just reading a psychic response is sometimes enough to tell you if it is a success or failure.

What Users Say About BitWine

“I enjoyed reading so much!! It was the best I’ve had so far in this place!! Highly recommended for her to read details !! Definitely will return !’Thank you !!Open system.

“Hayley, thank you for your advice. Sorry, our session ended without saying goodbye! I appreciate everything you told me to focus on myself and paint a realistic picture of the person of interest and where he is. You’ve helped me enormously!- Kristin, Feb 2019

“She gave me a message that I needed to hear and has a deep vision beyond what we can see in the physical world. I’m so blessed to have found her. Thanks Jessica.”- Eal123 March, 2019

“A true friend and great advisor. Elizabeth has been advising me for several years.- Kay4, Jan 2019

Customer Service

One area BitWine could use some help with is the customer service area. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but the department just lacks options. If you wish to contact a customer service representative, you can send an email and you will receive a response within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call number 888 on the website if you need technical support or advice / client assistance.


From Variety to quality, BitWine really eclipses the competition. Offering insightful, loving and honest guidance to the biggest questions and dilemmas of life, BitWine offers applicants 3,000 + advisors, ongoing offers and discounts, and an easy-to-use mobile site.

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