BitWine is an online psychic network that offers a wide range of readings and services. From clairvoyants to tarot readers, astrologers, mediums and other psychic experts, BitWine allows you to navigate from thousands of professionals to find the right match for you.

Through BitWine, users can chat with psychics and receive guidance, practical advice and spiritual insights. The site aims to simplify the process of searching for ethical and accurate readings. All their experts are experts in different psychic arts, including tarot reading, parapsychology, spiritual coaching, Astrology, reiki and more.

If you are looking for a spiritual guide, BitWine might be able to help. Continue reading for our full review of the site, including everything you need to know about BitWine.

How Does It Work?

BitWine connects you with thousands of online psychics that are available by phone or chat. Their directory includes a large selection of psychic professionals specializing in a variety of skills and abilities.

To get started, you can browse the BitWine library to find a professional that matches your needs. They offer clairvoyants, tarot readers, riddles, mediums, astrologers and other psychics. Through the library, you will be able to read the background of each psychic, learn more about their abilities, see prices, and read reviews.

The first introductory session is always free-and the best part is that you do not even need to register.

Once you find the right consultant, you can easily chat with them online by clicking the “chat”button. If they are not online at the moment, you can leave a request to notify when they are available. From the beginning of the conversation, you will receive 3 free minutes. Next you will need to add credit to your account to continue talking.

You can easily add credit to your account via PayPal. At the end of the conversation, your account will be debited based on the set price per minute/fixed rate.

During your session, the psychic will use their ethereal powers to shed light on a situation you’re facing, reveal insights from the past, or help guide you into the future.

Types of Psychics and Offered Readings

  • Telephone Readings
  • Online Readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Readings of relationships and advice on Love
  • Handheld readings
  • Riddle
  • Dream interpretation
  • Clairvoyant
  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Occult and spells
  • Parapsychology
  • Angel Readings
  • New age spirituality
  • iChing
Types of Psychics and Offered Readings

How Much Is It?

There is no single price structure for BitWine—each psychic sets their own rates. These psychic reading costs range from less than $1 per minute to more than $5 per minute.

Keep in mind that the first three minutes of each session are free. This gives you a chance to get to know the psychic and agree on a rate.

All payments are handled via PayPal, which is great because it gives you peace of mind knowing that payments are safe.

At the beginning of the session, you need to authorize the maximum amount that you are willing to pay. This is just a credit limit. It will not be charged until the end of the session according to the established pay per minute or the fixed rate. All remaining credits will be written off.

Are Bitwine Psychics Legitimate? Our Review

To help you determine if BitWine’s online psychic network is legitimate, we put the service to the test. BitWine claims to have some of the world’s best online psychics on their site. And they emphasize the importance of authentic, accurate and ethical readings.

At first glance, we were a little discouraged by the design of the website. The outdated layout and flashing content is a bit unflattering. However, once we looked beyond aesthetics, we found tons of great content and quality services.

The website includes a lot of information to ensure customers understand the process. We greatly appreciated the transparency of BitWine and the fact that you can browse by so many different professionals.

Despite its clunky and outdated appearance, the Website is actually very easy to navigate. Each psychic has a brief account of his background and areas of expertise, which makes it easy to find a professional who matches his needs. We noticed, however, that some of the psychics shone more than others. It was quite easy to say which professionals had the most experience. In addition, reviews make it easier to find a reliable expert.

We really enjoyed that the first 3 minutes of each session is free. This gives you the opportunity to try every psychic and see if your personalities and auras jive.

We also really liked the’ Community ‘ tab, where you can find a number of useful forums. One of the most active forums ‘ ‘ask a psychic’’ allows you to interact with other users to find the best professionals for your needs.

Are Bitwine Psychics Reliable?

Are Bitwine Psychics Reliable?

BitWine claims to offer some of the world’s best online psychics. To see if they were reliable or not, we checked some of the professionals ourselves. From what we have seen on the site, it seems that there is a wide range of genuine and gifted psychic experts on BitWine. However, just like with any online psychic network, you should always be cautious of scammers.

The working conditions of BitWine show that psychics are independent entrepreneurs or freelancers. This means that they have a lot of autonomy. Overall, we like this system because we find that it is much easier to find reliable psychics when they work independently. However, just like with any psychic online website, We encourage you to proceed with caution and attention to scams.

False psychics can make their way anywhere, especially online, where they can hide behind a screen of a phone or computer.

Although we have not encountered any psychic fake ourselves, it is still a good idea to read reviews and biography of each psychic in advance to make sure they are legitimate. Follow your intuition, it usually does not lead you astray.


  • Thousands of psychics to choose from
  • Accurate and reliable readings
  • Gifted and competent professionals
  • Secure payment system via PayPal
  • Available community forums


  • Antiquated website
  • Keep an eye on scammers / fake psychics
  • Some experts are quite expensive

Final Thoughts

Finding genuine, reliable and gifted psychics online can be a challenge, but with BitWine, you can browse through thousands of experts to find one that meets your needs. While the website can be outdated and unflattering, we have found several quality psychics who specialize in a variety of divine Arts.

If you are looking for a spiritual guide, BitWine has a lot to offer that could help guide you on your journey.

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