What wouldn’t you do for your beloved dog or cat? We feed them, we cater to their needs, we take them to the vet and we love them unconditionally. Sometimes, however, we have difficulty reading or understanding their behavior, leaving us at a loss of what to do to help our animal friends. If you’re caught up in this common situation, a pet psychic might be the answer.

With compassion, understanding and wisdom, pet psychics can relieve and clear up the underlying tension that may be oozing within our hairy friends. You’re not sure what a pet psychic is, how they work, and where to find them? Let’s take a closer look.

What’s a Pet Psychic?

While millions of people have taken advantage of the wisdom and vision gained from a clairvoyant, fewer individuals have made use of a more specific psychic niche – pet psychics. Pet media can help you communicate, heal, and understand your animal friends.

Pet psychics should not be confused with pet Whisperers. The latter simply read body language and have a general knowledge of the psychological composition of the species. Pet psychics, on the other hand, communicate directly with the animal through various methods and techniques. Through these sessions, pet media can provide insightful advice.

What Pet Psychic is the Best?

Now that you understand the value of a pet communicator, here are some of the most accurate and reliable readers.


Featured in: Keen

Wreni has been using natural talents to help people understand the needs of their pets for more than a decade. She navigates her readings with compassion and insight, facilitating open communication between the animal and the owner. In addition, Wreni rates are very reasonable, and Keen offers a deal where their first 3 minutes are free.

Cost: $ 2.05 per minute, first 3 minutes free

2. Crystal

Featured in: Psychic Source

Crystal has many psychic abilities, and she uses them all to help her clients find peace, answers and understanding. Apart from his other talents, including energy healing, relationships, and clairsentience, Crystal is a certified pet psychic. She works on a compassionate and non-judgmental methodology. Her soft tone and friendly behavior have helped her help pet owners for almost 50 years.

Cost for a phone session: usually $ 8.75 / minute, now $ 1 / minute

Cost for a video session: usually $ 10.75 / minute, now $ 1 / minute

3. Mystic Knight

Featured in: Kasamba

Mystic Knight is a simple and meaningless medium that offers its help to anyone interested in communicating with their pets. A fifth-generation psychic, his abilities are profound. The overwhelming positive feedback on your profile testifies to the accuracy and reliability of your readings. Mystic Knight is praised by customers for his honesty and depth.

Cost: $7.77/minute

Special offer: Save 15% + the first 3 minutes free

4. Tierney

Featured in: California Psychics

Among other skills, such as empathist, clariaudient and tarot card reader, Tierney is a qualified pet and an animal medium. She begins each session by making you feel comfortable and offers a profound insight and unmatched intuition by other psychic pets. Practicing for more than 40 years, Tierney provides a wealth of information about your pets, as well as tips on how to handle the problems that arise.

Cost: $4/minute

Promotional Offer: $1 / minute

5. Psychic Judy

Featured in: Hollywood Psychics

Judy psychic believes that everyone is the creator of their own destiny, and that it’s true for the relationship between a human being and a pet, like this. His readings can be done with or without tools, and the ability of Psychic Judy to share important messages between her clients and their hairy loved ones is Strange. Customers continue to consult Psychic Judy for years, returning constantly for more empathy and vision.

Cost for new members: $ 1 / minute up to 30 minutes

Types of Pet Psychics

Pet media channels their talents in many ways. Some of the most common techniques and methods include:

Pet Communicator
A pet communicator can talk to your animal and act as an interpreter to convey important messages that are being misunderstood. A communicator can also transmit messages from you to your pet. These media are usually sought when a pet is acting unusually or inappropriately, and a human companion wants to understand more about what is happening.

Psychologist Animal
Like humans, animals can experience debilitating trauma. Dogs and cats, for example, can stop eating, become lethargic, restless, or lose their normally friendly nature after an alarming event. You may not even be aware of the trauma and therefore do not have the means to help your pet solve the problem. Pet media can act as the facilitator to highlight the emotional blockages that prevent your dog or cat from advancing.

Communicator Beyond Life
Many people have lost loved pets and long for the opportunity to communicate with them after they have passed. A pet psychic can communicate with dead pets, delivering messages and relieving pain.

Other Techniques
Pet psychics can also use a combination of techniques including Reiki, electromagnetic energy reading, telepathy, and soul communication to match animals. Some readers can even give you answers without the presence of your pet.

What Kind of Animals Can Psychics Work With?

Pet psychics can communicate with a wide range of animals. Some will even venture into indomitable animals in nature, but most communicators stay with domesticated pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, turtles, fish and farm animals.

Can Pet Psychics Find Lost Pets?

Can Pet Psychics Find Lost Pets?

Losing a pet is devastating, so many customers turn to pet psychics to help them locate a lost animal. Using telepathy and energy, pet communicators can help you successfully reunite with a pet that has moved away and cannot find its way home, has been stolen or is injured and cannot return home.

Can Pet Psychics Communicate With a Dead Animal?

While it is a niche skill, talented pet media can communicate with a deceased animal. This can be a great comfort to owners who have lost their beloved animals, especially if death was sudden or tragic.

What People Says

She’s awesome. Our cat was missing for 30 hours. We were worried sick. He told us he was close. We found him immediately trapped on someone’s roof and couldn’t get down. – Louise, a Client of Mountain Sage, Keen

Many thanks Autumn. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You went straight to the point, very blunt and honest, and your words sounded true. You gave me some peace, and I can finally begin to heal and accept the loss of my Dozer boy. If I call back in the short term, I’ll be waiting to talk to you for good. I can’t thank you enough. – Fritsy24, psychic autumn client, psychic source

Strengthen Your Bond

Professional and supportive pet media can help you connect with your animals, communicate more openly, and transfer messages to your deceased loved ones. Try one of these pet psychics recommended to work through the problems and have a better, deeper bond in the end.

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