These attunements are activations that are given through a recorded and created audio with guidance and Light language.  Méline has co-created this attunement/activation with Master Kuthumi and Lord Metatron and has created an audio and manual to assist you with this activation.  This attunement/activation assists you with the merging of your oversoul in the Higher Heart Space and with the integration of  the Higher Dimensional Body Templates that are alligned with the Sirian and Pleiadian energies.

We work with Geometric patterns such as the Snub Dodecahedron that assists in the empowering of the activations and integrations.  A deeper alignment and journey is experienced during these attunements along with the expansion of your oversoul and higher Heart space.  You become more multi Dimensional in consciousness and awareness and stronger in your intuition andabilities.

These attunements consist of 2 recorded audio’s, 1 for the Higher Dimensional Body Template of Sirius and 1 for the Higher Dimensinal Body Template of the Pleiadies.  Each attunement takes approx. 30 minutes.  A manual has been created to explain to assist you in this attunement and to explain the geometric patterns their meaning in this attunement so that you know what to visualize.

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