For horoscopes and psychic readings, many people do not have the time or funds to go live reading. At the same time, horoscopes are a particularly popular internet search, and finding a good website is not easy. You want a site that is fast, efficient, and has a good reputation. it is one such website. With a large user database and solid affiliates, it has established a good reputation and offers horoscopes, tarot readings cards, and astrological reports delivered quickly, all online. It is a perfect “one stop shop” for the basics of astrological readings and assistance.

What Is It is a component of ‘ s extensive website network. It is dedicated to providing both free and premium high quality astrological content for users on an easily accessible platform. According to their website, they boast the largest monthly audience for their astrological and esoteric content available online. They have more than 50 different custom reports available between their free and premium options, and prices vary depending on the relationship.

They don’t have their own network of psychics, but they connect to another website, Keen, for psychic readings. However, their website is very easy to use and often used by a good number of people per month.


  • Many different reports have been presented, both free and premium.
  • Especially useful for astrology and horoscopes.
  • Reports delivered instantly online.
  • Well established with a large user base.


  • No live reading directly from the website; instead, they are through Keen.
  • No refunds or guaranteed information on digital readings.
  • Tarot readings and astrology reports are done electronically, not through live consultants.
  • Not so great for experts or true enthusiasts; better suited for beginners.

How To Do It Work?

Unlike other psychic reading sites, it does not offer psychic readings “in the House”. Instead, the website will ask you to choose from a selection of live psychics in Keen, another affiliate site. These readings are live and can be short up to 3 minutes free to 10 minutes for $ 1.99 and up . The readings are quick and efficient, and you can choose from which psychic you want a read.

The same goes for tarot readings. These are done through the network of psychics in Keen as well, and the price structure is the same. You can also choose whether you want the reading via chat or via phone call, so you can decide how personal you want the reading to be. They also offer specific readings for love and relationships, including through Keen.

How To Do It Work?

The good thing about their use of Keen is that psychics are carefully controlled, and you can easily see past customer reviews and ratings. Each psychic also has a brief description of their specialties, so you can decide which expert is what you want to do your reading. If you are not satisfied with your first call, you can contact Customer Support through Keen, and promise to solve the problem within 72 hours.

If you are looking for more astrological things, you can buy medical records, numerological readings and analysis of these graphs. You can view a limited and free version of the birth chart delivered on their website after filling in some information, or you can pay to see the full report with an incredible amount of details. This report will be delivered relatively quickly to your email after payment. Other free components of astrological offerings include the compatibility of love for zodiac signs, a thorough analysis of signs (both Western and Chinese), daily horoscopes and more.

Types of Readings Offered


As mentioned above, you can find psychics that specialize in almost anywhere you want. You can find those who focus on Love and relationships, careers, dream interpretation, and much more. Keen’s large selection of psychics, each with tons of reviews and useful information, offer all kinds of readings, so you can easily find a psychic who specializes in a certain area.

Tarot Card Readings even outsources their tarot card readings to Keen, but just like psychics, all tarot card readers are thoroughly vetted, and their customer reviews are easily visible. They all have a description of what they specialize in. However, for a cheaper option (meaning free), it has a free daily “reading ” tarot card directly on their website. You can also get an annual reading for a cost of $ 19.95. These are done digitally without the help of a psychic, so if you are looking for an authentic experience, this is not it. However, the readings are still a bit detailed, and they are snapshots

Horoscope it has free daily horoscopes based on your sign, and you can find anything from love horoscopes to flirt horoscopes and more. You can also find some based exclusively on career and relationships or sex, and if you want to deepen even more in horoscopes, you can buy a complete birth horoscope for a one-time fee. This is immediately delivered to your email. The reports purchased are extremely thorough.


Astrological Relations

You can buy a number of detailed and detailed reports based on your astrological sign and birth chart, each with a slightly different fee. All reports are delivered to your email immediately after payment, and feature in-depth analysis. However, it is important to note that these reports are not created by live psychics, but are generated by high-quality software. The analysis is still very thorough and informative, but you should still know exactly what you are buying.

Prices and Special Offers

Psychic readings have a special offer where the first three minutes of Reading are free. From there, it jumps up to ten minutes for $1.99, which is still a nominal fee for a live psychic reading. However, after ten minutes, the prices are fixed by the experts themselves. Most seem to be anywhere from $4 – $ 6 per minute, so you can keep the readings short if that’s what you want to save some money. All prices are listed next to the psychic profile and reviews on the page on

For reports, each has its own flat rate. After sending the information and payment, the reports are immediately delivered by e-mail. These reports are anything from your birth horoscope report, an annual horoscope or tarot reading, a karma report, a Compatibility Report, and many other options. These range in price from $ 8.95 up to $ 24.95, depending on the size and type of ratio.

What Makes Unique?

Their amazing Horoscope offerings are painstaking and detailed, and are great for anyone, from those who have just started with the zodiac, to professionals who like to know their horoscopes. They also offer a wide range of free and in-depth articles and readings to learn more about psychology and astrology, and these are updated almost every day. In addition, they have a free app that makes checking your daily horoscope a breeze. This is perfect for beginners or casually interested.

Their relationships are not limited only to the Western zodiac, but also extend to the Chinese zodiac, numerology and more.

Moral Of The Fable

If you are looking for a live psychic reading directly from a website, this is not the place for you. However, using Keen, it offers a wide range of well-known psychics, so you don’t have to worry about getting a read from someone unreliable.

What’s missing here make up for them with astrological reports and in-depth readings. However, some may not be as “deep” as some professionals would like. Reports are great for beginners and those who are interested in” one off ” reports to learn a little more about their past, present and future. Overall, it’s a great way to step into the world of psychics and astrology.

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