You want to visit a spirit camp in South Florida? Do you have your tea leaves read in New Orleans? Or maybe see a public media demonstration upstate New York?

With its eclectic history of rebellious spiritism, pioneering medicine-spectacle, and the resurgence of the new age, the United States has a surprising number of spiritual villages hidden within its borders. Of course, there are famous hidden access points like Salem, Massachusetts and New Orleans. But dig deeper and you’ll also find picturesque spirit camps, natural energy vortexes and bona fide “psychic cities” like Cassadega, Florida, where half of the residents are trained mediums.

Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary road trip or a real psychic encounter, America has a lot to offer in the realm of other realms.

Here is a tour of 5 places in the United States known for their spiritual riches:

Lily Dale, New York-a Spiritualist Enclave With Victorian Charm

Lily Dale, New York-a Spiritualist Enclave With Victorian Charm

A picturesque New York City full of narrow streets and Victorian houses, Lily Dale has about 500 residents, or more, if it has spirits. Lily Dale’s residents certainly do.

Lily Dale is one of the last Centers of the spiritist religion, a faith whose central belief is focused on communication with the deceased. The city is populated by registered media that hold public demonstrations in the town square, attracting more than 20,000 visitors every summer to consult the media, attend the services of the spiritist church and participate in workshops and festivals.

Where to get a read: with more than 50 media registered in this small town, finding a psychic is not difficult at any time of the year. But summer is the high season and the best time to come. The media offers public demonstrations 3 times a day and a community meeting announces the practitioners available for private readings.

Where to absorb the vibrations: follow a path through Leolyn Woods to “Inspiration Stump”, an isolated place believed to be loaded with spiritual energies. Go alone to meditate, or participate in one of the services that are performed twice a day for free.

Where to take a spiritual souvenir: Lily Dale Bookstore and Souvenir Shop can supply you with lots of books to study, as well as T-shirts and souvenirs. Head to Crystal Cove to get precious gemstones and stain sticks to harmonize energy once you get home.

Salem, Massachusetts-a Witch Shelter in a Historic City

Known as the town of the Salem witch trials, Salem, Massachusetts has not only embraced its infamy, but has turned it into a tourist industry. Today Salem serves as a witch shelter, with its main pedestrian mall, Essex Street, dotted with shops selling spells, candles and other magical ephemeral. The shops may be kitsch, but behind the T-shirt stands there are dedicated communities of Wiccans, healers and psychics willing to offer their services.

Where to get a read: Crow Haven Corner, considered the oldest witch shop in Salem, introduces a witch and clairvoyant named Lorelei who incorporates tarot, palm reading, a health scan and a witch circle ceremony in her sessions, and sends her on her way with her own personal spell.

Where to enjoy the vibrations: if you need a break from the bookstores arcane and the shops of kitsch, take a moment of contemplation and quiet in Proctor’s Ledge Memorial, a monument on the hillside in the place where were the hangings of the trial of witches.

Tourist advice: Halloween is probably the busiest time of year for Salem tourism, so if you’re looking for a quieter and more introspective visit, consider a different time of year. Otherwise, the Salem Psychic Fair and The Witch market can only be your speed.

Cassadaga, Florida – A Spiritualist Camp with Metaphysical Hotel

Cassadaga, Florida - A Spiritualist Camp with Metaphysical Hotel

Not many cities list psychic media on their official website, but Cassadaga, Florida is not like other cities. This southern Florida outpost of spiritualist faith is known as the” psychic Capital of the world ” and, for good reason, about 50% of its residents are psychic mediums trained in communication with the deceased. Founded in 1875 by the famous medium George P. Colby, the city remains an access point for the spiritual, its streets filled with ancient wooden posters announcing the services of local media, psychics and healers of all tendencies.

Where to get a read: visitors for the first time must visit Cassadaga’s Official Media Night, which takes place on the first Monday of each month. There, the city’s registered media offers mini 15-minute readings that allow you to test spiritualist mediumship and find a practitioner to connect with so you can explore more thoroughly.

Where to soak up the vibrations: the small town of Cassadaga has 7 parks with Meditation Gardens ideal for relaxing after a session and processing the information you have received.

Where to get a spiritual memory: the camp bookstore is a great place to collect divination cards, crystals, esoteric books and local art. Be sure to check the board as well, which lists upcoming meetings and available means for appointments without calling.

Where to stay: the Cassadaga Hotel and Metaphysical Center of the 1920s combines Southern hospitality and astral tourism. Inside this elegant hotel, supposedly haunted, internals are at your disposal 7 days a week for Sessions and psychic readings.

New Orleans, Louisiana-tea Leaves, Tarot Cards and Voodoo Queens

New Orleans, Louisiana-tea Leaves, Tarot Cards and Voodoo Queens

Voodoo culture is deep in Nola. Beyond the tourist tarot stands on Bourbon Street is a rich tradition of psychics, potions, charms, and voodoo queens that have given New Orleans a different spiritual flavor that is not found anywhere else in the world. The city offers countless opportunities to participate with psychics and psychic culture, although there are some institutions that beginners might want to mark their list.

Where to get a read: the Bottom of the Cup Cafe is a New Orleans landmark dating back to 1929, when its waiters served hot tea to the women of the French Quarter, and their psychics would read their fortunes on the leaves. You can still get a reading of tea leaves in this iconic place, although coffee also offers tarot and palm card readings.

Where to soak up the vibrations: Marie Laveau, the legendary “Queen Voodoo” of New Orleans, is buried in the Saint Louis Cemetery in a tomb that once attracted so many visitors that it had to be closed to the public. Today, your tomb is accessible only on tour, although it may be worth it if you believe, as so many others have, that a visit could give favors and good fortune from beyond.

Where to take a spiritual memory: part kitsch and part scary, Marie Laveau Voodoo House is a real gift shop from the other side. Here you can find voodoo dolls, talismans, amulets and all kinds of spiritual paraphernalia in the distinctive Nola style.

Sedona, Arizona-energy and Open Sky Vortexes

If Sedona red clay buttes and impressive tables are not enough to lift the mood, the energy vortices should do the trick. This new age Mecca attracts seekers from all over to its beautiful surroundings to absorb the energy of the” vortexes”, natural energy points in the landscape that are believed to promote spiritual harmony and physical well-being. Sedona is a decidedly positive place, newer age than hidden, and is an access point for psychics who put their own Sedona spin on psychic readings.

Sedona, Arizona-energy and Open Sky Vortexes

Where to get a read: Mystic Bazaar is one of Sedona’s most popular places for all things healing and transformation. In addition to traditional psychic readings such as clairvoyance and tarot cards, practitioners offer Sedona-Style Eclectic services such as Soul Plane readings, name Matrix readings and astrological compatibility services.

Where to soak in the vibrations: start with one of the 4 vortexes that made Sedona famous. It is believed that each possesses his own energy propitious for healing and meditation. The Airport Mesa vortex is believed to be the best for feeling unity and serenity, while the Boynton Canyon vortex, with its mixture of feminine and masculine energies, is said to be a powerful place for self-reflection and healing.

Where to take a spiritual souvenir: although you will have no trouble finding new age stores in Sedona, head to Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village for local products and an immersive experience. Designed to look like a Mexican village, the outdoor bazaar is full of locally made jewelry, healing items, Native American art and local restaurants.

Pack Your Bags and Play on a Higher Plane

You can find a psychic in almost any city, but certain areas in the U.S. exude powerful spiritual energies that attract psychic and healer communities to gather within their borders. Whether by their natural history or geography, these spiritual villages offer a refreshing and often revealing experience that makes it easier to tap into energy channels and higher planes. If you are looking to consult a psychic for inner growth, communicate with lost loved ones, or simply want a more creative destination for your next trip, these 5 points offer plenty of opportunities for rest, reflection, exploration, and self-discovery.

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