If you are an open-minded person, you are probably curious to seek guidance from an online psychic reading. If you’ve done some internet research, you’ve probably come across a psychic network known as”know.”

Asknow claims to offer powerful psychic readings and 24/7 guidance on issues relating to love, family, career and general life issues. But you know what the real problem is? Can they be trusted?

Continue reading this askNOW review and find out if this psychic network is legitimate or just a scam.

​What Is Asknow?

​Asknow Psychics is a nework with hundreds of experienced psychic advisors that can provide accurate psychic advice and guidance on any kind of question you have.

​It’s similar to Californian psychics in that they offer psychic readings over the phone. But in addition, Asknow also offers customers the opportunity to get a psychic reading through online chat. Every psychic within the askNOW network is carefully controlled and tested, so you can feel confident knowing that the reader is 100% real and has genuine skills.


  • Choose from phone and Chat readings.
  • All psychics are carefully checked and tested for authenticity.
  • ​Excellent readings of love and relationship.
  • Available in both English and Spanish.
  • ​Introductory Offer: 15 Minutes For Only 10 Dollars


  • ​No video reading or email options available.
  • ​Some of their best psychics have limited availability due to their popularity.

Types of Psychic Readings Available on Asknow

AskNOW’s network psychics are vast and varied. Everyone has a different way of verifying your truth, whether it’s through Numerology, Tarot, clairvoyance, Energy Healing, or any other psychic method. Asknow also allows you to filter their psychic list for the following subjects:

  • Love and relationships
  • Finance
  • Career
  • Tarot reading
  • Spiritual guides
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Past lives
  • Analysis of dreams

Asknow initially orders psychic consultants in three categories: Top Rated, Elite and Master. Each psychic is placed in a level depending on the price scale and level of competence. For example, the most powerful psychics with the most honored abilities are considered to be chief counselors.

All psychics on this network are skilled. They were checked and tested before being admitted to the network. You can feel safe with the care of your consultant.

How Does the Process Work?

The process is very simple. You can start talking to a psychic counselor in minutes!

You’ll have to do a score first. This can be done online or by calling 888-577-8147. The registration process is private, safe and secure.

Second, choose the consultant you want to talk to. On Asknow’s list of psychics, you can sort and filter by what you want to talk about. Questions about your career path? Or if your love is meant to last? Do you want a dream to be interpreted? There are so many experienced and compassionate Psychic Readers in the askNOW network – and their site gives you all the tools you need to find the right person for you.

After selecting your consultant, you can create a bond. Consultants can be available via text chat or over the phone, so you’ll need to select a means of communication and make sure your psychic is available. (If they are not, you can always schedule a call for later.)

And finally … time to ask your questions. Your psychic will come with you on a journey to find the truth in any area of your life you need.

What I Like Most About Asknow

There’s a lot to appreciate in Asknow. Here are some features that make their network one of the best out there.

First time discounts for customers

Several introductory packages are available for new callers. These packages give you discounted minutes up to 30 minutes – which is an amazing deal for any psychic reader service. In addition, each package comes with five free minutes for Elite or Master consultants.

If you’ve ever been curious to talk to a psychic counselor, Asknow makes it easy and convenient to get started.

Profiles of psychic readers

Every psychic reader of Asknow has the opportunity to write their own profile. You will be able to learn in depth what each psychic specializes in, their reading methods, and more. This is extremely important to determine whether a psychic is the right fit for you and your needs. In addition, each profile page of each consultant has psychic reviews of previous clients.

Asknow also has spotlight interviews with several of their most revered advisers. These enlightening interviews immerse themselves in their background, personality, mode and so on.

Profiles of psychic readers

Psychic filtering options

Not all Psychic Readers are compatible with every caller. To help you find the consultant that can help you best, Asknow has several filtering options on their list of psychics pages. You can sort by basics like who is available and if you want a text chat or phone session. Filters also allow you to narrow readers by specialty area and type of Price / advisor.

These filtering options ensure that you only see psychics that have the maximum potential to help you.

Ask a free question

After buying an introductory package, you have the opportunity to ask a free application. An askNOW consultant will respond immediately with a personalized and accurate response. This is excellent for those who may be a little skeptical or want to immediately make sure that Asknow is right for them.

All psychics are carefully checked and tested for accuracy

Each psychic reader is fully controlled and controlled by askNOW psychic managers. They are fully tested before being allowed to enter the askNOW elite network. As a result, Asknow advisors has some of the highest accuracy rates among all psychic reading sites.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction is guaranteed at Asknow. If you feel sorry for the service you receive during a call, Asknow encourages you to terminate the call and call customer service. You can be refunded for up to five minutes from your last call.

Alternatives to Asknow

There are several psychic competitors, but how do they cope with Asknow? Here, we will discuss how some of the other popular psychic services compare.

Asknow vs. Keen

Keen offers many of the same features Asknow, including phone and chat options, variable prices and so on. The biggest difference lies in accuracy. Many psychic reviews have reported that askNOW psychics tend to be more accurate than Keen advisors.

​Accuracy tends to vary depending on the skills of a consultant. That’s why Asknow uses strict standards to completely control every psychic advisor on their site – to ensure that callers get the best psychic readings possible.

Asknow vs. Psychic Source

Like Asknow, the psychic source has a wide range of psychic reading types available and a guarantee of satisfaction. While PsychicSource.com also offers video Chat, the platform offers only three minutes free. Many believe that this is not enough to assess whether it is appropriate to continue communicating, which is why Asknow offers instead five minutes free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I call or talk to a psychic from Asknow?

It’s very easy to start talking to a psychic from Asknow. There are two ways to start.

One way is to dial the main line askNOW to 888-577-8147. ​

The other way is to select the consultant with whom you want to talk on the askNOW site. If the consultant is available, you can select “Call” to make a phone call or “Chat” to start talking via text. If the consultant is unavailable, he can request a call to speak later.

If this is your first call, you’re gonna have to open an account. If you already have an account, you will need to login before being connected to your advisor.

How do I call or talk to a psychic from Asknow?

What if the psychic I choose isn’t available?

Fortunately, Asknow allows callers to schedule calls. Your psychic will call you back as soon as they’re available. You can also select a predetermined appointment time.

What kind of questions Can I ask while reading?

You can ask a lot of questions! Asknow psychics cover a wide range of areas, including relationships, careers, guardian angels, dream interpretation, and more. Using the filter option when searching the askNOW site, it is easy to find a psychic who has the ability to answer what you are dying to ask.

What’s the best way to find a psychic in Asknow?

The best way to find a psychic on Asknow is to browse the list of site consultants and sort them according to your needs.

First, select the “filter” option. From there, you can order consultants by availability, type of reading (phone or text chat), price, and their fields of knowledge. Consultants are listed among the highest and lowest. In their full profile, you can take a closer look at their credentials and approach to healing and spiritual communication. You can also read reviews left by other callers.

Are Asknow psychics real and legitimate?

Absolutely. Every psychic counselor has been thoroughly vetted and tested by Asknow’s psychic executives.

What’s the difference between a senior advisor, an Elite advisor, and a top-notch advisor?

In addition to categorizing psychics by area of expertise, they are also sorted by their level of experience and price range.

Top Rated consultants are available for a value of between $ 5.99 and $ 9.99 per minute. These experts provide comprehensive readings for excellent value. They deal with topics of love, career, astrology, and much more.

Elite consultants have rates of between $ 10 and $ 12.99 per minute. These consultants are highly qualified in their many areas of expertise. Elite consultants are guaranteed to provide compassionate and helpful psychic guidance for any caller.

Master Advisors are equipped to handle the most demanding issues and urgent questions. This special class of psychics has some of the most powerful skills and wide range specialties. They’re ready to help you start at just $ 13 a minute.

Whatever type of Asknow psychic you choose, you are guaranteed to talk to someone who is eager to help and very knowledgeable about their chosen fields.

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