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Hello! My name is Melinda AKA Meline. Ever since I was in high school I have been interested in paranormal stuff and anything that goes with it. This occult has guided me to clairvoyance and helped me gradually mastered all the most divination tools. I believe that there's a deeper meaning in everything. Not all, can't be explained by science. There are still some physical behaviors that can be explained. We are continually exploring the universe and learning its origin and how it works. Humans are usually confronted with problems relating to the society around them, or their attitude and self-awareness. It's these sorts of philosophical, metaphysical and social questions which clairvoyance is appropriate for answering.

We divide the world into two realms; both the scientific and the religious. I act in the next, although I am really interested at the first. I am sure that you know that it is possible to approach the world of divinatory arts from a scientific perspective. I receive a lot of pleasure from creating connections between the science we all know and also the tools we use during a consultation.

What I've experienced in life so far has only sharpened my instinct. I am renowned for the expertise I have in this field and the gift of clairvoyance. I try to have somewhat closer to the future Every day and it has become the center of my daily life. I use both the techniques as well as my instinct that I master to shed light about the paths that arise in a person's life personally and gather all the elements.

I like to envisage a person's future for a set of paths spread out ahead of them. My view of life is that we each are led to choose our own course. Even the divinatory arts are a framework, as well as a way of giving us the space we need to take that decision. And it is likely to shield a person where they may be fulfilled and calm, and also to point them towards more peaceful lands.

I'm someone who likes to listen, sensitive to everybody's problems, and that I do my very best to use my wisdom and instinct to answer the queries that I am asked. In my work I respect the ethical rules of my livelihood and I attach great value. You could also rely upon me to become discreet kind, comprehension and non-judgemental while telephone consultations are a terrific way for you while we're talking to retain some form of anonymity. Since 2018, I am a proud member of the Tarot Association.

Yours Truly,
Meline Lafont

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