Consulting a psychic is something that has traditionally been done in person or on the phone. However, in recent years, technology has given us another way of obtaining spiritual advice: psychic e-mail readings.

Whether for convenience, privacy concerns or comfort level, more and more curious minds are writing their questions to their spiritual advisors and forming email connections. But how does this work, what questions should it ask, and are these modern readings worth it? Read on to learn about our guide to email psychic readings.

How Can You Do a Psychic Reading Over the Internet?

Any psychic reading requires a connection between the client and the reader, and that connection appears through their energies. As through phone or readings in person, the reader and the client bring their energy into the interaction, and although both parties communicate by email, a reputable psychic can feel the energy flowing through the message and form a precise reading.

Unlike readings in person, however, email readings do not provide instant information. One benefit of this type of consultation is that the psychic has more time to develop any knowledge and respond with more detailed answers. For those who are just beginning to dive into the readings, this form may feel more comfortable than looking for answers in person. In this way, you can control the environment by writing questions and reading the answers.

Are There Ways to Ensure a Thorough Psychic Reading of Email?

In person, the readings are less predictable. Maybe the client feels a little out before the reading and reflects that energy back to the psychic. Maybe the client feels uncomfortable opening up and asking the wrong questions they want to answer. This is when email readings can provide even more clarity for customers, but they have to do their part to ensure a successful reading. Some tips:

  1. Focus on your intentions: meditate before the interaction and do not rush to write your questions. Create your intention for guidance and keep an open mind for a variety of possible responses.
  2. Be specific: think about what you are looking for clarity and write specific questions. Go back to those questions a couple of times before sending them to the psychic. Clarify what you are looking for from reading and make sure your questions reflect your intention.
  3. Stay open: enter the reading with an open mind and keep that mindset even when psychic answers. Remember that with e-mail readings, the psychic and the reader must have an energetic connection to focus on their goals and intent, and the psychic will use that connection to illuminate any potential direction they can take.
  4. Ask open questions: avoid the types of “this person is the only one” questions and try to ask open questions. Instead, ask for something in the line of ” how can I strengthen my connection with my partner?”Or”how can I cope with this uncertainty in my relationship?”

What Types of Psychics Work Well on Email?

What Types of Psychics Work Well on Email?

Great news; clairvoyance, divination, precognition and remote viewing are effective ways to search for email guidance. If you are not sure if a psychic can accurately perform a psychic e-mail reading, contact them directly and ask. If you are using one of our best listed psychic reading sites, check out your specialties and comments to better measure if there is a potential connection.

How Accurate Are Psychic E-mail Readings?

The advantage of using a larger psychic network, like Kasamba, is that your readers screen well, and show customers comments and comments from your sessions to stay as transparent as possible. Take advantage of these sites and do your research by deciding who you would have the best connection with. The positive reviews that previous customers leave for a reader are the best testimony to a reader’s accuracy.

Not many psychics have the gift of giving good spiritual advice through email. This is why very few psychics actually offer the service. If a psychic trusts that they can give him a precise reading without being able to infer anything from his body language or voice, then this tells a little about his confidence in his abilities.

Is There a Low-risk Way to Test This Service?

While there is no such thing as a free trial for psychic email reading, you can usually get free or discounted Online minutes of chat with a psychic. This is a good way to get an idea from a psychic and whether or not he has a natural relationship with them before committing to a full email reading.

Is It Worth It?

In short, yes! If you are open to receiving guidance, psychic email readings can help answer any questions you may have about love, New Beginnings, and messages from the other side. Write clear and specific questions, and pour your energy into your email so that the psychic can provide accurate reading. Consult with a qualified counselor no matter where you are and receive the spiritual guidance you are looking for.

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