Here are 10 of the main child Crystal traits. Use them to help you identify special gifts from a crystal child (or adult!) in your life:

1. Aura Opalescent

The Crystal children were named for the appearance of their auras. You see, the Crystal auras have a magnificent nuance because of their beautiful and edifying energy!

  • Indigo Children’s auras are indigo blue, indicating high intuition and clairvoyance.
  • Rainbow Children have a rainbow-like aura that radiates health, balance, and connection to divinity.

So cool, right?

2. Wise beyond their years

All Star Children (indigos, rainbows and crystals) are old souls. They are quick to forgive, charming to be near, and even of a bad temper.

In their early years they are easy to link and can be like no child you’ve ever met before! These children are loving and have come to bring peace to the planet.

If you’re lucky enough to have a crystal boy in your life, you’ll notice how affectionate they are … like when they offer comfort to other children.

2. Wise beyond their years

3. Sensitive

Crystals are sensitive to:

  • sound
  • color
  • your environment
  • the emotions of others
  • and more

They are empathetic to the point of assuming the emotions of others, even to their detriment.

And with their greatest sense of injustice, they are prone to anxiety. That’s because Crystal’s children yearn to create balance and peace where there is none.

4. Non-verbal

Crystals are very intuitive children. They often know what others are thinking and feeling.

And, they can communicate in telepathic ways that parents can worry about. For example, they can talk after two years. They can also be diagnosed with autism.

However, Crystal’s children are often musical and can sing before speaking.

They are able to see beyond the “surface” and feel people on a true soul level. They also carry a peaceful presence and can affect others in a healing and positive way.

5. Connected with nature and animals

Many crystal children choose to be vegans or vegetarians. This is due to a true love for nature and animals. They are fearless and adventurous outdoors, and restless when trapped inside.

They’re not as attracted to technology and video games as much as other kids. Instead, they prefer to be outside with their own imagination.

And, of course, the crystals are wonderful and loving pet owners who join their animal friends.

6. You need time alone

We don’t normally think about kids who need time alone, but these kids do.
They may experience overwhelming because of their sensitivity. That is why you need to rest and restore yourselves.

Tip: it’s helpful if your child Crystal can have a room to retire to … to rest, play, or read until they are rejuvenated enough to interact again.

7. Magnetic personality

7. Magnetic personality

Crystal children have a special glow in their eyes, attracting people.

But they can also be vulnerable to intimidation because of other people’s jealousy. Interestingly enough, they will often feel empathy for the bully.

Once a crystal boy has touched your life, you will love to immerse yourself in his unconditional love and affection.

More and more of these bright, loving children are being born. It is a positive sign of our human evolution, as it elevates the vibration of the Earth with its goodness.

As parents, we can do a lot to impact positive change when we honor Crystal Children’s needs. His wisdom and peaceful healing benefits all beings and our planet.

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