Are you someone who picks up vibrations or feelings when you meet people? You can’t put your finger on what it is or why you feel it, but you know you can feel something strongly. You may not notice, but there’s actually a name for that. You’re feeling a person’s aura.
An open mind is vital when it comes to all practices within the psychic realm, but it requires much more than that to master the ability to read auras.

What is an Aura?

An aura is the true nature of a person, and you cannot hide or pretend. It presents itself as an energy field around your physical body, and is a projection of what is happening inside. This includes our health, tranquility, thoughts and spirituality; and all this will affect the color and intensity of the aura.

If a person is sick or suffering, even if he is not aware of the disease, that can also be seen in a person’s aura. Fortunately there are psychic healers who can help you clean up your aura.

Here are 4 of the best aura reading and cleaning sites online:

1. Psychic Source

  • More than 130 aura readers
  • Special offer: first 3 minutes free

Psychic source stand out as an online psychic reading site for the cleansing of the aura with its 130 clairvoyant psychics to choose from (clairvoyants see things beyond the physical sphere, such as auras, spirits and visions, as well as the past and the future).

The first 3 minutes are free with your first paid reading, and after that you can chat with psychics for as little as $ 0.66 / minute. Psychic Source also allows you to chat from any device, anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Have your aura read where and when you want it with Psychic Source.

2. Keen

  • 6 aura cleaning specialists
  • Treatment newcomer: First 3 minutes free

Keen has 6 aura cleaning specialists with whom you can book a reading. When you sign up with a credit card, you’ll get your first 3 minutes free of charge. With Keen, you can rest assured that all conversations are private and anonymous.

Learn more about your aura and clean it up to generate positive energy with an aura Keen cleaning specialist.

3. California Psychics

  • More than 380 clairvoyants with aura reading skills
  • As low as $1 / minute

With California psychics, your aura cleaner or reader will be able to tune in to your energy as soon as the call begins. Apart from your birthday and any questions in your mind, your reader will not require more information to start and pass on information to you you are seeing regarding the colors, shapes and density of your aura.

California Psychics advises all customers to be prepared with questions before reading and to have an idea of what they want from their session. Make the most of an aura reading with California psychics.

4. Kasamba

  • 73 aura readers
  • Special offer: 70% discount on your first reading

Kasamba currently has 73 aura readers to choose from. Every time you communicate with a new reader, you get the first 3 minutes of that session free of charge. Kasamba suggests using this time to present, ask questions and evaluate whether there is a real connection with the reader.

Kasamba guarantees total confidentiality in all sessions. It also has a unique real-time chat platform that allows you to chat freely with your aura reader and ask questions without having a phone conversation.

A Simple Guide to Aura Colors

A Simple Guide to Aura Colors

Depending on your energy, your aura will change color. Your aura constantly evolves depending on your mood, thoughts, and health.

Here is a simple explanation of what the different colors of the aura mean:

  • Red is the most powerful of colors, and may suggest strong ambition, survival instinct, or strong sexual desire. It’s also the color of danger, and it can represent anger or hatred.
  • Yellow within adults represents a high intellect or analytical mind, while in children it usually means happiness and creativity.
  • Green represents healing, nurturing and comfort. This could appear for those who are psychic healers, too.
  • Blue is a soothing aura, indicating peace and honesty. This also often symbolizes an intuitive and loving nature, and someone people seek support for in difficult times.
  • Orange represents energy and enthusiasm, in a physical or mental state.
  • White energy fields are rare because they mean purity of heart and mind, and someone who is deeply attuned to their spirituality.
  • Black tends to be a negative aura color, along with brown and gray. This could mean bad health, depression, or fear.

What is an Aura Cleansing, and Where Can I Get One?

What is an Aura Cleansing, and Where Can I Get One?

Its aura consists of 7 levels of energy corresponding to its 7 chakras. An expert aura reader will give you ideas about all of them.

Here are the 7 layers:

  1. The first auric layer (Root Chakra) is related to the health or illness of the physical body.
  2. The second layer ( sacred Chakra) – is where feelings of attraction or rejection are displayed, and develop emotional safety and well-being. A healthy aura here also means that you are in contact with and at peace with your sexuality.
  3. The third layer (Navel Chakra): it shows how you interact with your world and expresses the personal power within you.
  4. The fourth layer (Heart Chakra): this is where you show your heart and emotions linked to your family, friends, colleagues, pets and colleagues. It is also where you can feel your generosity of spirit and compassion.
  5. The fifth layer (Throat Chakra) – this represents your communication skills as well as your creativity.
  6. The sixth layer (Third Eye Chakra): is where you can find the intuition of most people and any connection to the invisible world.
  7. The seventh layer ( Chakra Crown) – is your spirituality and connection to the source (any higher source or energy you believe in). Highly evolved and developed people will radiate a glow in this area.

Within the layers of your aura, the reader will be able to see a mixture of colors, shapes, movements, density, brightness, and energy blocks, which will tell you what is happening inside and outside.

If you are in a toxic relationship, if you have not yet dealt with the death of a loved one, or if you are not happy in your current work, an aura reader will be able to see all these details and advise you how to regain health and inner peace.

Just as you clean your skin, it is important to regularly clean your aura. When you feel safe, grounded and in great health, your aura will be clean and brilliantly spread at least one foot in all directions of your body. But when you are sick, unhappy, or heartbroken, your aura will be much closer to your body, appearing in darker colors and needs to be cleansed.

To clear your aura, your reader will suggest certain practices, meditations and affirmations to create a positive force of protection around you and increase your inner happiness. As a result, you should have more energy, more focus, and much more control over your emotions.

Aura readings and cleansing by healers can be done using psychic reading sites online, and there are many reputable companies that have a number of aura specialists to choose from.

Clean Your Aura

Whatever site you choose for your aura reading, browse through the selection of aura readers and contact who you are most attracted to. Let your intuition guide you.

Most importantly, try to relax and enjoy the experience of learning more about yourself and the layers of your aura.

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