What Are the Children of the Rainbow?

Rainbow Kids are the last in the Star Children group. These children have come to Earth to help humanity ascend. Great job? Yeah, you could say that.

Most rainbows were born around 2000 or later. They follow Indigo Children and Crystal children.

Now, IndiGo and Crystal children are very important in this mix. That’s because they came to Earth First to set the stage for the magic that Rainbow Children will do.

What Are Star Children?

Star Children are humans who have come to Earth with a very special mission:

To build the foundation for a new society, one in which compassion and harmony are the new, normal way of life.

I know, it sounds dreamy, but why is it important?

Well, many spiritually conscious people believe that, for the human race to continue to exist and prosper, we must raise the vibration (energetic health) of the planet.

The higher your vibration, the:

  • More in contact with your intuition (also known as Higher Self or soul))
  • It’s easier to make decisions.
  • More compassionate and loving you are
  • More peaceful you are
  • Happier that you feel

Types of Star Children

There are three types of Star Children. Be:

The Indigo Children. The Indigo were the first Star Children to come to Earth. They began the transition of our obsolete (and sometimes violent) way of thinking.

The Crystal Kids. His mission is to build the foundation for a new society in which (eventually) we will all live in peace and goodwill.

The Rainbow Children. This is the new and latest generation of Star Children. These boys and girls will follow where the Crystal boys left off. And, they will help us remember our higher selves and the connection to the spiritual realm. Besides, they’ll teach us unconditional love. And once we align ourselves with love as a society, we will enjoy coexisting with other humans and life forms on the planet. (Sounds dreamy, right?)

How Do Rainbow Children Differ From Other Star Children?

How Do Rainbow Children Differ From Other Star Children?

Rainbow Children are unique in that they have never lived on planet Earth before now. This is unheard of today where we all had TONS of past lives! Even the other Star Children (Indigos and crystals) had lived past lives.

Because of this, rainbows are wise and compassionate souls who have no karma to work with. And that means they can fully dedicate themselves to serving humanity.

And make no mistake: this doesn’t mean your child has to do something elegant. …

It is his presence (his energy and compassionate nature) that affects humanity in a very deep and positive way. They’re like little headlights or positivity magnets!

Have you ever noticed that your child doesn’t care about “things”?”

Since Rainbow Kids is here to help humanity, they don’t care much about material things. They would happily give away all their possessions to make others happy!

See if you recognize these 13 other signs of Rainbow Children…

13 Signs That Your Child is One of the Children of the Rainbow

13 Signs That Your Child is One of the Children of the Rainbow
  1. Very forgiving with others
    Rainbow Children don’t cling to anger or negative emotion. They understand that we are all interrelated and here to have human experiences. They quickly forgive and pass on to their purpose.
  2. Of strong will
    They are considered stubborn or hard-headed. But what people stubbornly confuse is an approach to fulfilling their purpose. You will not be distracted from your course because you know that what you are here to do is vital.
  3. Telepathic
    It is easy for Rainbow Children to send and receive messages through thought. For this reason, many of them do not start talking until they are 2 or 3 years old. But eventually they realize that not everyone has their skills, and they start talking to communicate.
  4. It has high energy
    This is not bouncing off the energy of the walls (as Crystal children often have). Instead, it is a more consistent energy that is not delayed throughout the day. You see, rainbow children don’t need much sleep … however, they seem to have a constant supply of energy!
  5. It has large eyes and soulful
    Have you seen the way that you draw eyes anime, right? Now imagine that in a human being, and you have the eyes of a Rainbow Child. When you look into your eyes, you can see what they know. This is because they are in total alignment with spirit and have to do with their purpose.
  6. His family is peaceful
    Since these children have no karma to work with, they are born into harmonious families. And because his home has no drama, he allows his little rainbow to focus on his life purpose.
    Tip: If you are the father of a rainbow, it is very possible that you are a crystal child!
  7. It is intuitive (Psychic)
    Because Rainbow Children are in alignment with spirit, they are very intuitive and psychic! It’s amazing meeting! (You can learn the Traits of psychic children here.)
  8. Can it manifest “instantaneous”
    As highly evolved souls, Rainbow Children can manifest anything they need right away! This helps them do their life’s work without wasting time. It’s like they have a straight line of communication with the spirit because, well, they do!
  9. Were born around 2000
    The Rainbow Children began to incarnate around 2000 and later. There were some Born Before that, but not many.
  10. Is fearless
    Because they have a clear understanding of who they are and why they are here, they are little afraid of anyone or anything. Rainbow Children know that they are protected and trust their spiritual family to help fulfill their purpose.
  11. Love helping others
    They have very few needs and only wish to bring joy and peace to others. Rainbows give without expecting to receive anything in return.
  12. Quickly recover from negative emotions
    When strong negative emotions arise in an environment, they can become positive. They have no grudges and are not combative. Besides, they never try to divide people. Just try to build relationships peaceful and happy.
  13. Have balanced male and female energy
    In human form, we carry more male or female energy. But Rainbow Children have balanced male / female energy due to their alignment with spirit.

How many of these signs give you goose bumps? If you are the father of a rainbow child, enjoy! It’s a good thing.

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